Children and The Koran

A Brilliant Malevolent Idea

It is not the innocent little boys who grow up to be cold-blooded killers and suicidal mass murderers in Allah’s Cause who are the crowning testament of the diabolical brilliance of the man who came up with the idea of teaching children the Koran. No, that dubious honour goes to the grown-up little girls, now young women and mothers who accept that:

1) in actual dollars and cents, they are worth half of the little boys they grew up with; and

2) in a marriage, their husband can do with them what he will, then discard them like so much used furniture.

Immersing children into the Koran has allowed a religion with revealed truths that grant men superior rights to wealth and property to go along with their authoritative rights over those the Book is openly contemptuous of, not only to survive, but to thrive. That disdain is again on display in Allah’s decrees granting the lion’s share of any bequests to his favourite gender and in His Revelations pertaining to divorce in which He ratifies a wife’s chattel-like status.

Imagine the difference between a daughter learning these things, and so much more, when she is eighteen, instead of six or seven.