Dying For A Husband

Female Martyrs

According to David Cook, author of Understanding Jihad, a question was posed on the Hamas website by a prospective female suicide bomber as to what are the “rewards for a female martyr.” Would she get the equivalent to the male suicide bomber who is promised a “fairly extensive harem of women in return for martyrdom?”

Question: I wanted to ask: what is the reward of a female martyr who performs a martyrdom operation; does she marry 72 of the houris?

Answer: … the female martyr gains the same rewards as does the male, with the exception of this one aspect [the houris], so that the female martyr will be with the same husband with whom she dies. “And those who have believed and their progeny, followed them in belief. We shall join their progeny to them. We shall not deprive them of any of their work; every man shall be bound by what he has earned” [52:21]. The one who is martyred and has no husband will be married to one of the people of Paradise.

Just what the world needs, more gullible young people looking for love in all the wrong places.

First it was mostly young men and boys. Today, more and more, it’s young women and girls who blow themselves up because of promises made by mostly old men about sexually appealing celestial partners a grateful God will hook them up with for killing and maiming in His name.

It's a world gone mad where madmen are kings.

Hamas' answer notwithstanding, if the Prophet Muhammad is to be believed, for a widow, there is no guarantee that she will be re-united with her former husband no matter how many men, women and children she has slaughtered to get there, after all, what husband would want an annoying wife in Paradise.

Mu`adh reported God's messenger as saying that no woman annoys her husband in this world without his wife among the large-eyed maidens saying, "You must not annoy him. God curse you! He is only a passing guest with you and is about to leave you to come to us (in Paradise)."

Tirmidi and Ibn Majah

In any event, a female, even if she is returned to her husband in Paradise or provided with one in an arranged marriage by Allah if she is single, will still have competition from freshly minted houris to whom her husband will also be married.

Has Hamas makes clear in their answer to the prospective female suicide bomber, only men are allowed multiple sex partners. A female, even in Paradise, is dependent on the attention and the benevolence of one man, her husband, with no intimate relationships permitted with other men (or the male equivalent of a houris if Allah had chosen to create one) for an eternity.

Also, should her husband, because of some murderous self-immolation act of his own ascend to a higher level of Paradise, she may not see Him that often, if at all. Believers on a higher level of the seven levels of Paradise can visit other believers on a lower level but not vice-versa.

The rewards in goods and sexual services increase with each level of Paradise. Therefore, he may not be interested in making the journey to her level. And, even if she is on the same level, because females, even in Paradise cannot be trusted not to try to seduce any man within reach, she will probably be cloistered in a separate pavilion, with billions of other women, pinning for a visit from the man she died and killed to be with.

55:70 Therein (Paradise) are beautiful virtuous maidens.

55:72 Wide-eyed, cloistered in pavilions.

Paradise for the female suicide bomber may not be worth dying for; and definitely not worth killing for.

Bernard Payeur