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Ottawa Ontario


The Honourable Scott Brison

President of the Treasury Board

90 Elgin Street, 8th Floor

Ottawa, K1A 0R5

May 1, 2017

Dear Mr. Brison,

We were lucky. A mild winter and plastic film over drafty windows we cannot afford to replace meant that my wife's breathing capacity only diminished by 10 percent to 41% or so. Shortly it will be heat and humidity which will pose the greatest danger and confine her to portions of our house we could barely afford to air condition: the bedroom and the kitchen.

I have been informed by the Prime Minister's Office that my letter dated September 28, 2016 (copy attached) has been forwarded to you for your "information and consideration."

I have no legal remedy to convince you to do the right thing, the Supreme Court of Canada having denied my appeal on the grounds that my firing, no matter how egregious, was "not a question of national interest". This was in spite of a plea from the Federal Court of Appeal for guidance (read In the Federal Court of Appeal).

In the past, Treasury Board has made ex gratia payments to individuals who were undeserving e.g. the accountant in A Mugging in Amsterdam, the Director in the chapter titled The Betrayal Of Joe Clark (incorrectly referred to in letter as chapter Ambassador Chr├ętien). I now ask you to make a strictly honourable ex gratia offering, if only to make amends for letting it happen. I am not asking for more than what would have been mine had I not been summarily dismissed on bogus insubordination charges (read A Sunny Day in May).

The Board's lawyers said nothing when Foreign Affairs (now Global Affairs) accused me before the Public Service Staff Relations Board of being responsible for the loss of millions of dollars, which a system I had developed tracked, because I let myself be fired (read Nonsense).

Treasury Board had already implemented my formula and methodology (read Proof of Perjury) based on my written instructions.

And later, during final arguments, perhaps fearing they had loss, Luc Leduc LL.D with Robert Cousineau LL.D, Q.C., Solicitor for the Attorney General of Canada looking on, in the Right Honourable Joe Clark's name, blackmailed the adjudicator (read Blackmail).

I do not ask you to do what Evelyne of Evelyne's Choice demanded of me: to sacrifice my ethics for what she considered the greater good. What I am asking is for Treasury Board, even at this late juncture, to do the right thing. If not for me, then for my wife; she should not have to suffer for our sins.

My sins you may ask?

Arrogance comes to mind; thinking that because I had right on my side I could not lose. Mark Twain knew better (read Say It Ain't So).

Sincerely Yours

Bernard Payeur

Enclosed: Shooting the Messenger, Letter to the Prime Minister dated September 28, 2016.


Ottawa Ontario


The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau

Office of the Prime Minister

80 Wellington Street Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

September 28, 2016

Dear Prime Minister,

In a statement, following Ms. Hoodfar being allowed to return to Canada you thanked Oman, Italy and Switzerland for their help. Should I too appeal to Oman, Italy and Switzerland or some other government to put pressure on your administration to do something about the dire straits my wife and I (sic) find ourselves in.

Not, as dire a Ms. Hoodfar's at the time, but dire nonetheless and not deserving of being ignored by your Minister of Foreign Affairs (my letter attached) and a perfunctory, long-delayed, heartless acknowledgement under the circumstances (my letters attached) from your Minister of the Environment and my Member of Parliament Catherine McKenna.

I look forward to a timely response because for both my wife and I, time is of the essence.


Enclosed: Shooting the Messenger