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Shooting the Messenger

Till Death Do Us Part

One of her last requests was that I make one more attempt at telling my story; now, our story. I should not have been surprised that my firing dismissal from the Canadian Public Service on bogus accusations of insubordination still bothered her considering the surroundings in which she died.

At the heart of Shooting the Messenger – Till Death Do Us Part is the story of my discovery of a multi-year, multi-million dollar fraud at the then Department of Foreign Affairs (Global Affairs) and my subsequent firing for failing to report the theft of additional millions.

Without the help of a lawyer, which we could no longer afford, I appealed my dismissal all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. The Right Honourable Chief Justice Brian Dickson, in spite of the fact that the reason I got to appear before his eminence was because the Federal Court of Appeal wanted guidance, which it later denied, dismissed my appeal with a curt "not a question of national interest."

Till Death Do Us Part ends with my wife's passing on the afternoon of July 5, 2019, away from where she had hoped to die.

Shooting the Messenger would make, at the very least, a gripping docudrama. Inquiries from producers welcomed.


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Prologue - Say It Ain't So

Part I

A Laudable Model of Behaviour

The French Connection

The Road Back


The Wrong Lesson Learned

Getting High on the Job

An Appalling Indiscretion


The Death of Janine


Foreign Affairs Beckons



Part II

The Fifty Percent Solution

The Impossible Report and the Missing Millions

Tokyo Lets the Cat Out of the Bag

A Mugging in Amsterdam

Yours, Mine and Ours

The Return of the Double Standard

No Future Here

Ambassador Chrétien


The Appraisal From Hell

The Ambassador and the Commissioner Trade Places

The Pontius Pilate Letter

Memories of Wendy

A Sunny Day In May


The Niece

Part III

R. G. Woolham and the Appraisal From Hell

J. T. Boehm's Sense of Humour


A Judge is Blackmailed

Evelyne's Choice

Thomas W. Brown and the Monstrous Lie

Et tu, PSAC?

The Poisoned Affidavit

In the Federal Court of Appeal

In the Supreme Court of Canada

Proof of Perjury

The Betrayal Of Joe Clark

So What!

Investigative Journalism, Canadian Style

Mulroney and a Different Lesson Learned


Where Have All the Fish Gone?

Part IV

Lucette and that Damned Firing


The Shell to the Rescue

The Butterfly Effect

Doing Google Before Google Did Google

Year 2000 at the Heart Institute

Michael Cowpland and First Nations


Extinction - Inuits

Part V

From Witness to Malfeasance to that of Malevolence

Abbas -Days of Pain and Madness

Only in Canada

McKenna and a Penultimate Hope Belatedly Dashed

Freeland, Khadr and Company