Shooting the Messenger

A Whistleblower's Tale

"One of the most powerful, poignant stories I have ever heard."

Les Brost

To Lucette,

the people of Ashcroft, British Columbia who made it possible for a French-Canadian family down on its luck to establish roots in that most beautiful of provinces


Glenna, her mother and stepfather for countless kindnesses

not forgotten.

Foreword - Say It Ain't So

Part I

1 - A Laudable Model of Behaviour

2 - The French Connection

3 - The Road Back*

4 - The Wrong Lesson Learned

5 - High on the Job

6 - An Appalling Indiscretion

7 - Rakesh

8 - The Death of Janine

9 - Audrey

10 - Foreign Affairs Beckons

Part II

11 - The Fifty Percent Solution

12 - Tokyo Lets the Cat Out of the Bag

13 - A Mugging in Amsterdam

14 - Yours, Mine and Ours

15 - The Return of the Double Standard

16 - No Future Here

17 - Ambassador Chrétien

18 - McGahey

19 - The Appraisal From Hell

20 - The Ambassador and the Commissioner Trade Places

21 - The Pontius Pilate Letter

22 - Memories of Wendy

23 - A Sunny Day In May

Part III

24 - R. G. Woolham and the Appraisal From Hell

25 - J. T. Boehm's Sense of Humour

26 - Nonsense

27 - A Judge is Blackmailed

28 - Evelyne's Choice

29 - Thomas W. Brown and the Monstrous Lie

30 - Et tu, PSAC?

31 - The Poisoned Affidavit

32 - In the Federal Court of Appeal

33 - In the Supreme Court of Canada

34 - Proof of Perjury

35 - The Betrayal Of Joe Clark

36 - So What!

The Impossible Report and the Missing Millions

Holding Ministers to a Higher Standard

Epilogue - Plus ça change…


The Niece

Investigative Journalism Canadian Style

Federal Court Memorandum

Supreme Court Appeal Notice

Mila's Friend, Brian and a Briefcase Full of Cash

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The Honourables


* For a more complete account of the events surrounding my departure for Ontario and my home life during my first 18 months in the Capital, about which I did not want to burden the book, please read Julia Ann and A Woman Who Loved Women and the Intimacy of Igloos on Cold Arctic Nights.