Remembering Uzza

13 Rape Without Compassion Becomes the Norm

(3.0 draft)

UzzaGerry: What do rapes in India have to do with young men running after women fleeing a battlefield more than a thousand years ago?

Uzza: I do not want to condone the actions of rapists or those who seek intimacy through the capture of the object of their affection.

Archie: That is one way of putting it.

Uzza: It all has to do with the scarcity of females. In India, the scarcity is real and is the result of the deliberate killing of females in their millions when technology to detect the sex of a fetus became widespread. In the time of Muhammad scarcity was apparent, not real. It was caused by the hoarding of females by rich and powerful men, usually older men, thereby depriving a significant number of young men of female companionship. Muhammad took advantage of this imbalance by telling the so-deprived that the females of the unbelievers they killed were theirs for the taking as a reward from God.

Bob: Did the believers rape their captives?

Uzza: Some married them, which you might consider rape if the vows were coerced. Virgins intended for sale were usually not violated for that reduced their market value. That left married women and widows for whom rapists, before Islam, showed some compassion.

Archie: And the Prophet was okay with this?

Uzza: Muhammad did not so much create a new religion but a synthesis of pagan practices and Jewish traditions and beliefs and called it Islam.

Gerry: What does this have to do with the "compassion" shown raped widows and wives?

Uzza: Pre-Islamic Arabs tried to avoid impregnating unmarried woman or another man's wife by practicing coitus-interruptus and not leaving a lasting impression which would make it difficult for the women, if, and when they were released or sold, to get on with their lives. Muhammad put an end to that. Muhammad's admonition against coitus interruptus and by extension contraception is another reason why family planning in Muslim-majority countries is non-existent or ineffective.

Bob: What about condoms?

Uzza: Most schools of Islamic Law allow condoms within a marriage as a temporary measure only; the same for the birth control pill for a woman if she has her husband’s consent. All are against men having a vasectomy or women a tubal ligation for this would be interfering with Allah's right to schedule a pregnancy at some point in the future.

Archie: Like I said before, this is nuts.

Uzza: How is it more stupid than the Catholic Church's stand against contraceptives when the human race is drowning in its own excrement.

Archie: Good point.

Gerry: The rape of prisoners, that was the Prophet, a man of his time who assumed much when it came to the Will of His Benefactor. But, surely Allah did not sanction the rape of an unmarried woman or another man’s wife, let alone rape without compassion?

Uzza: I don’t know about rape without compassion, which may be, as you said, Muhammad assuming too much, but Allah not only approved of, but encouraged the rape of married women in front of their captive husband, if he too survived his encounter with the believers, something even the early converts to His Cause had been reluctant to do.

Gerry: Religion, too often, brings out the worst in us because we think we are doing God's Will.

Archie: When it's that other guy's will.

Uzza: I believe people are born good. All the death and destruction that seems to follow Islam everywhere is not normal. Could it be because Islam teaches a different definition of what is right and what is wrong that children grow to do such horrible things to others and themselves thinking it is the right thing to do? Doing what they think God expects of them when it’s not God at all.

Archie: You got that right!

Uzza: It is not the Devil, it is not Muhammad, it is us. Nothing compels us to be so cruel to each other. Maybe global warming will bring an end to our existence and that will be a good thing.

Gerry: Uzza, don't get all gloomy on us.

Uzza: Violence, including rape is what happens in war. The pre-Islamic Arabs tried to avoid war at all cost because of the violence and the resulting deaths. Then Islam came along and elevated violence into a virtue and death into something you yearn for. Could Islam be right and wrong reversed?

Archie: Thank you!

Uzza: All you have to do is say the magic words: “I declare there is no god except God, and I declare that Muhammad is the Messenger of God” and what had been both illegal and immoral becomes, not only lawful, but the right thing to do if you did it to someone who did not share your beliefs. With a few simple words, wrong becomes right! I never quite looked at it that way.

Gerry: Uzza, you're letting Archie get to you.

Uzza: And soon, they will be coming for your wives and daughters because you are evil and wrong for not believing in Him and the one he allegedly chose to speak on his behalf, and it will be the right thing to do.

Gerry: Don't say that.

Uzza: What else would you like me to say?