Remembering Uzza

14 Wife Management Difficulties Resolved

(2.6 draft)

UzzaBob: [trying to change the subject] Was it after the battle of Uhud that Allah said that women cover up just to be sure holy warriors did not get distracted when they should be busy killing people?

Uzza: No. Many of Allah's revelation pertaining to how women and girls must dress and behave were received after Muhammad had accumulated perhaps a dozen wives and began experiencing wife management difficulties, especially with his teenaged acquisitions, for example Aisha.

The lovely Aisha, who joined her husband on the matrimonial mat when she was just eleven, wandered into the desert and got lost, only to be rescued by a young man who brought her back to Medina the next day.

Needless to say, this started people talking. Talk, if the revelations pertaining to this incident are to be believed, that severely distressed Muhammad. So much so, that Allah intervened, not only to vouch for Aisha’s faithfulness, but also to make sure that none of Muhammad's wives would ever put His favourite spokesperson in an embarrassing situation again. In a position where Muhammad would be the object of gossip; “chatter” Allah calls it.

The revelation to which I think you're referring about staying home, concealing bosoms and private parts and not stamping your feet is part of this package of revealed truths which were really meant to help Muhammad with his wife management difficulties.

Gerry: Then, what many Muslim women who don't abide by the Islamic dress code have said is true, it was meant for the Prophet's wives, not females in general.

Uzza: Before what Muhammad said and did became an example to emulate, undoubtedly. But remember, Muhammad was not the only one who enjoyed being surrounded by a bevy of wives, concubines and slave-girls. The solution to Muhammad's wife management problems, putting the fear of God into them , became a solution for every hoarder of females, and a cheap solution at that, getting the women to police themselves.

Gerry: When women say that the veil is another way for men to control them, they are correct. It has nothing to do with piety.

Uzza: I would not go that far. Allah's solution to Muhammad's wife managment problem did what the Indians have not managed to do, and that is to protect women from being gang-raped by young men whose lust they have aroused and who see rape as the only way they will ever experience what it is like to be inside a woman.

Archie: Or girl.