Remembering Uzza

15 Two Down, One to Go

(3.0 draft)

UzzaBob: After the Prophet got his ass kicked at Uhud, what did he do?

Uzza: He went looking for a scapegoat. Muhammad, on returning to Medina with his troops marched on the fortified Jewish neighborhood of the Banu Nadir accusing them of being complicit in the defeat of the Muslims at Uhud.

Archie: But there were no Jews at Uhud. And it was Arab women who got the Prophet’s warriors all hot and bothered.

Bob: Would Jewish women have had the same effect?

Archie: For Christ’s sake’s Bob!

Uzza: It’s a valid question. Under normal circumstances yes. Religion normally does not change what makes us attractive to men. But Islam is different.

Archie: No kidding.

Uzza: It all depends what you intended to do with your quarry once you have captured it. If you were looking for a wife, a woman of the Book will make you try harder, for you are allowed to marry them just like you would a Muslim woman. If all you want is a slave-girl then what she believes or does not believe does not matter.

Gerry: You called a human being “it”.

Uzza: To those who would make a female their captive either as a slave-girl or a wife that is all she is, something you prey upon. What do you say about calling a spade a spade?

Bob: Can a non-Muslim marry a Muslim girl?

Uzza: No. But neither can a Muslim man marry an unbelieving woman unless she converts. 

Bob: That's more than fair when you consider that if she is booty he can still have his way with her as if she was his wife.

Archie: If the believers’ defeat was not because they were salivating at the thought of screwing Jewish girls, why blame the Jews.

Gerry: Archie, don’t be crude.

Uzza: That’s alright Gerry, I’ve heard worst. Jews have been used as scapegoats since at least the time of the Romans, usually by people who were after their wealth, and the Banu Nadir were a wealthy tribe. They would not come out to meet him in battle, so Muhammad did what before would have been unthinkable. To impress upon them that they had no future in Medina, alive or dead, he destroyed much of Medina's date palms.

Bob: Why would the Banu Nadir have cared?

Uzza: It was their date palms. It was their livelihood that Muhammad destroyed.

Archie: And Allah agreed with that.

Uzza: Yes, to destroy such a valuable crop on an oasis in the middle of a desert - Medina is still referred to as the oasis city - had some Arabs up in arms, prompting Allah to send a revelation saying that He had authorized the destruction of whatever trees Muhammad deemed necessary.

Gerry: Why attack the Banu Nadir and not the Banu Qurayzah. They had to represent an equal if not an even greater threat, or why not attack both?

Uzza: Muhammad, to use a cliché, never bit off more than he could chew. If the Banu Nadir and Banu Qurayzah had acted in concert they could have resisted the believers if not completely overwhelmed them, especially since not an insignificant portion of the Arab population of Medina would have joined them. But they could not agree among themselves, let alone agree to form an alliance to save their lives.

Archie: Typical.

Gerry: It is typical to human nature to want to believe that it is the other that is doomed and that we will survive and even prosper if we don't get involve. That is seldom the case when faced with the type of threat represented by sociopaths.

Uzza: With their livelihood gone, the Banu Nadir agreed to go into exile. Muhammad allowed them to take with them whatever their camels could carry. That left only the Banu Qurayzah of the three Jewish tribes of Medina that had ensured the survival of Islam. Their fate would be sealed after the next encounter between the Meccans and the Muslims at Medina