Remembering Uzza

21 A Strategic Massacre

(3.0 draft)

UzzaUzza: After the Meccans left, Muhammad went looking for those who had provided him with many of the shovels and implements with which he had dug the ditch that apparently stymied the Meccans.

Bob: To thank them?

Uzza: No, to kill them!

Bob, Gerry: WHAT!

Bob: Why kill them? They had proven useful.

Gerry: And why did you say "apparently stymied" them.

Uzza: As mentioned earlier, it was the Arab way, before Islam, to try, in conflict situations, to avoid bloodshed, usually by a simple show of force. That would explain why the Meccans did not make a serious attempt to cross what Archie pointed out should have been a minor obstacle, and why the remaining Jews of Medina did not attack the believers while they were looking the other way.

Bob: Did the Jews finally put up fight?

Uzza: There was no battle. Muhammad marched on their fortress just outside Medina with three thousand jihadists. When he neared the fortifications, he called out to its defenders: “O brothers of monkeys and pigs! Fear me, fear me.” This dehumanizing simian reference would make its way into the Koran.

Archie: Didn't Hitler do the same thing?

Uzza: Please, no more comparisons to Mein Kampf.

Archie: Maybe Allah told His Messenger about evolution, the monkey part I mean, that we are all descendants of monkeys.

Gerry: Don't be funny, this is serious. What happened next?

Uzza: Adopting that civilizing influence of the pre-Islamic Arabs of not fighting a losing battle to avoid bloodshed, the Jews asked for a negotiator. Muhammad sent Abu Lubabah. He matter-of-factly informed the assembled men and weeping women and children that he was the emissary of a man who had slaughter on his mind by pointing at his throat.

Bob: And they surrendered anyway?

Uzza: The holy warriors outnumbered the fighting men of the Banu Qurayzah by at least four to one. The Jews may also have counted on Muhammad's reputation for mercy.

Archie: After what he did after the Battle of Badr, that was wishful thinking.

Uzza: He did ransom most of the prisoners of Badr, and that may have given hope to the men who laid down their weapons and appeared defenceless with their wives and children before Muhammad, offering to go into exile and leaving all their possessions for the believers to plunder at their leisure.

Archie: But that wasn't enough for the Prophet this time around was it?

Uzza: Perhaps to protect a dubious reputation for mercy, Muhammad called upon one of the less than a dozen Muslim casualties of the Battle of the Ditch to decide the fate of the helpless, hapless Jews. The mortally wounded Sad bin Mu’adh could be counted upon to render the expected verdict, and he did, declaring that the men should be killed and their wives and children parceled out among the believers to do with whatever.

Gerry: How did they determined who was old enough to die?

Uzza: Any boy who was unlucky enough to show signs of pubic hair was herded with the men next to a ditch Muhammad had dug in the marketplace. Then, he sat down to watch as, in orderly fashion the more than 700 men and boys of the last Jewish tribe of Medina were beheaded, their decapitated body tumbling along with their severed head into the ditch dug for the occasion.

Bob: Why did they dig another ditch? Couldn't they use the one that had already been dug to defend the place, or was it just not deep enough?

Uzza: Like the Islamic State at Raqqa, the marketplace or public square is where you carry out these types of executions, in part, to demonstrate your ruthlessness. That is how it was done in the idealized time of Muhammad by kings and others who claimed to rule by divine right.

Archie: The ditch and lining up those you intend to murder on the rim so that they simply fall in or simply require a nudge after you have executed them reminds me of how the NAZIs processed the Jews of Poland and Ukraine, remember Babi Yar, before the gas chambers became available.

Uzza: HOLY WARRIORS ARE NOT NAZIs, they only do what God approves of. There is a difference!

Archie: If you say so.

Uzza: Those who kill in God's name are not like those who commit murder in a man's name.

Gerry: Sad was a man.

Uzza: Sad knew his duty as a believer, to rid the world of those who will not submit to Allah's Will. He knew what it means to be a believer to the very end.

Archie: Doing what God would do if He were here, His own dirty work.

Gerry: How do we know God approved of the mass execution of the men and boys of the last Jewish tribe of Medina?

Uzza: When Sad bin Mu’adh died later that day, Muhammad told the believers that Allah’s throne shook so moved was God by the death of a man who had the courage to cold-bloodily send His enemies to their death, and their wives and daughters into slavery. A revelation would follow making it official.

Archie: The Chosen People are actually God's enemies. You learn something new every day.

Bob: Allah doesn't sound much like the compassionate and merciful god I keep hearing about on TV.

Uzza: That is what the preachers want you to hear and believe. It is an insider joke.

Bob: An insider joke? I don't understand?

Uzza: The flattering invocation “In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful” headlines 112 of the 114 surahs of the Koran. And, in hundreds of revelations, Allah unabashedly brags about His compassionate and merciful nature. But the joke is on those who can't be bothered to read the Koran, for if they did, they would soon realize only the believers are entitled to Allah's mercy and compassion which He makes abundantly clear.

If you had read the Koran, you would understand why Allah was impressed by Sad's decision and by anyone who kills unbelievers wherever they find them, and the more the merrier. If the West had understood this simple message as to whom Allah considers compassion-worthy they would never have let the Islamists in. Mass public executions are about to become much more commonplace. There was a lesson to be learned in what happened to the Jews of Medina.

Archie: Yes, be careful who you welcome to stay with you because you think they are just like you.

Uzza: It is a lesson that was lost in the painting of Islam's violent history as a defensive struggle or as bringing peace to a supposedly violent region when it did exactly the opposite.

Bob: Even after the massacre, people still believed the Prophet to be a nice guy?

Uzza: News of the massacre spread like wildfire and like terrorist attacks today lead to a conversion bonanza. Many converted to Islam not only because they believed that a man who would do such a thing could not be stopped, but to join in the general pillage of unbelievers’ property. All you had to say was “I declare there is no god except God” and you could with impunity kill the men who refused to do so and abscond with their wives and their daughters for your troubles, and still be guaranteed a place in Paradise.

Gerry: What about the part about Muhammad being the Messenger of God?

Uzza: That would be added later.

Archie: You still haven't answered Bob's question: why kill the Jews? Was it to instill terror?

Uzza: Probably not at this stage. It was killing them now or killing them later. Killing them now, when they were at his mercy, was the best strategy when you consider the mission Allah had given Muhammad.

Gerry: You mean the one about killing the unbelievers, even your friends and benefactors?

Uzza: The only friends of believers, Allah said, are other believers. Believers who took unbelievers as friends, He warned, would join them in Hell on Judgement Day

Gerry: Does that mean we can't be friends?

Uzza: For those who swear by the Koran this is definitely the case.

Gerry: Then we can be friends, you and me that is.

Uzza: Yes.

Bob: [something dawns on Bob] I GET IT. The Prophet was about to go on the offensive and could expect that many of the Jews he had exiled would join the opposition. When put that way, the massacre actually makes sense.

Archie: To a sociopath maybe.

Uzza: Whom you mistake for a sociopath was a man on a mission from God to make Islam the dominant religion because God would not accept any other religion. By doing so, he was saving billions from burning in Hell for an eternity, which would explain the ruthlessness we ordinarily associate with sociopaths. Muhammad was committed to doing God’s Will and fighting and killing the unbelievers until everyone worshipped Allah and only Allah or, if they were Christians or Jews, accepted Muslim suzerainty by humbly paying the jizya.

Bob: What do you mean by Muslim suzerainty? That can't be good!

Uzza: Muslim rule, as was the case in Spain during the Caliphate.

Gerry: Sam Harris, in a book he wrote about a conversation he had with a former radical by the name of Nawaz, said that "the vaunted peace of Andalusia is largely a fairy tale, first presented in the novels of Sir Walter Scott, Benjamin Disraeli and others who romanticized Muslim rule, [that] it was good only by comparison with the most murderous periods of medieval Christendom... [that] the general reality was a world absolutely suffocated by religious stupidity and violence.

Uzza: I wouldn't know.