Remembering Uzza

22 Orphaned by Lust

(3.0 draft)

UzzaArchie: I'll bet the Prophet's choice of a reward for his role in the massacre of the Jews of Medina was a nice young girl. Am I right?

Uzza: He took for himself the wife of one of the man killed, a young woman by the name of Rayhanah.

Bob: Talk about a nervy guy. I'm impressed. And this Rayhanah was okay with having sex with the man responsible for the murder of her husband?

Uzza: Again, it was not murder, god-sanctioned killings are not murder.

Archie: Then what are they?

Bob: Quit changing the subject. Was this Jewish princess okay with being bonked by the guy who had her husband killed on behalf of the big boss in the sky?

Uzza: Her father was the leader of the Qurayzah, so that would make her a Jewish princess of sorts.

Bob: WOW. I meant her husband. But, the Prophet was also responsible for her father getting wacked and the guy still had the nerve to ask her to marry him? ?

Uzza: What happened to her husband, her father and her kin may explain why Rayhanah refused Muhammad's offer of marriage and only accepted to be his concubine. Of all of Muhammad's flesh and blood acquisitions Rayhanah is the most pathetic. Even as a concubine she may have found her life sexually servicing the man who left her without a husband and family unbearable and committed suicide a few years later. None of Muhammad's young wives and concubines, and probably his sex-slaves, had a shorter life than the beautiful tragic Rayhanah [wipes away a tear].

Archie: I have heard that the Prophet took in all these women and girls to solidify relationships with other tribes or with cronies. What relationship would he have solidified if Rayhanah had accepted his marriage proposal?

Uzza: Some of the arranged marriages were to cement relationships with other tribes, but many were not. At least two were the offspring of cronies who offered their daughters in marriage after Muhammad expressed an interest in them.

Gerry: Muslims should admit that Muhammad, in middle age and beyond developed an insatiable appetite for beautiful young women, and girls; and when he saw one he liked he just had to have her, and he had the power and get it over with.

Uzza: You may be right. The most blatant evidence of these bouts of infatuation and the lengths Muhammad was willing to go to get what he wanted is in his marriage to his cousin Zaynab. Muhammad walked in on her when she was almost naked and mesmerized by her beauty he just had to have her. The only problem, his cousin was already married to his adopted son Zayd.

Bob: Zayd must not have been pleased?

Uzza: When he became aware of his father's latest obsession he quickly divorced Zaynab so that she was available for him to marry.

Bob: But Muhammad was not really his father?

Uzza: The pre-Islamic Arabs were even enlightened when it came to adopted sons; they completely erased the distinction between an adopted and a natural-born son. An adopted son became the son of the man who adopted him with all the rights and obligation of a natural-born son including calling the man who took him in, father.

Bob: And Allah was okay with this, marrying your living son's former wife?

Uzza: Absolutely not, and neither were the people!

Bob: How did the Prophet get away with it this time?

Uzza: We don't know who first got the idea to change the status of adopted sons to "brothers in religion", but Allah, who Aisha remarked was always quick to please her husband when it came to his sexual needs, made marrying the former wife of other than your natural-born son, like marrying the divorced wife of any man. So that there be no doubt He approved of Muhammad’s marriage to Zaynab, Allah then sent a revelation saying it was all His idea.

Archie: You have to hand it to the Prophet, he had this special relationship with God, if you believe in that sort of thing, and he used it for all it was worth.

Uzza: Of all the things Allah did to cater to Muhammad's sexual appetites this has had the most lasting and most detrimental impact. The revelations changing the relationship between adopted sons and their surrogate parent so that Muhammad could add his former daughter-in-law to his collection of wives, concubines and slave-girls have been interpreted to mean that Islam is against Western style adoption where an adopted son can take the name of his adopted parents.

Gerry: That is a bit of stretch isn’t it?

Uzza: By making it a sin for adopted sons to take their surrogate father's surname when he made them second-class children, Allah created a lasting disincentive for men to take the responsibility of raising another man's child as if he was their son as was done in pre-Islamic times. One man’s obsession and an accommodating deity is why today in the Islamic world you have an untold number of children with no one to call father.

Archie: You would think a religion which produces so many orphans would threat them better.

Bob: What about female orphans?

Uzza: What is Islam’s solution to any female problem.

Archie: Stoning them.

Bob: Stoning orphans that’s a bit harsh, even by Islamic standards?

Uzza: NO. MARRIAGE, including their guardian taking them as his wives.

Bob: Like Woody Allah, I mean Allan did.

Uzza: Allah may have regretted what He did to orphan boys. In subsequent revelations He insists that orphans be treated kindly and fairly. But there was no turning back the clock. [getting emotional again] Can we change the subject.