Remembering Uzza

26 Mecca Cowed and Deceived

(3.0 draft)

UzzaUzza: On January 630, less than two years into a ten-year non-aggression pact, Muhammad at the head of an army numbering at least ten thousand, marched on Mecca.

There is no one to hinder the march of the believers as between them and the holy city are tribes who have converted to Islam or are allies of the Muslims; Khaybar having convinced many, the Bedouins in particular, that in Muhammad they have a winner who will deliver on his promise of wealth and women for fighting under his banner in Allah's Cause.

Bob: So much for treaties with Muslims?

Archie: In a bar fight if you don't finish off the other guy when he is down and he gets up, you're a dead man. Allah understood this when He said not to ask for peace when you have the upper hand, finish them off.

Gerry: But, Uzza told us that He also said that you should not break a treaty.

Uzza: Unless you fear treachery, and Muhammad, from what we have been told, was convinced the Meccans had been supplying arms to the Banu Bakr, a tribe allied with the Meccans which had been fighting a tribe allied with the Muslims, the Banu Khuzah.

Archie: In everything this Allah says, paranoia seems to run deep, as the man said. From beating your wife to beating the other guy, it's all about what's on your mind?

Gerry: Not so much what's on your mind, but what you think is on the other person's mind.

Archie: That's paranoia, Doh!

Gerry: Uzza, what were the Meccans thinking? They had to be aware of the precarious position they were in and that the worst thing they could do was give the Prophet a reason to attack?

Archie: Give it up Gerry, it was all a pretense.

Uzza: What we know for sure is that the Meccans vigorously protested their innocence and offered to compensate Muhammad and the believers, to no avail, for any damage the Banu Bakr may have caused.

Archie: There you go...

Bob: I feel a Mecca morning coming on.

Uzza: Mecca was not Khaybar.

Bob: Because there were no Jews?

Uzza: No, that wasn't it. Mecca was not a community of farmers. Mecca was still a force to be reckoned with if they put up a fight, and Mecca still had powerful friends. Muhammad was no fool, he had to know a full-frontal assault like at Khaybar could prove disastrous for the believers, many of whom were leery about attacking sacred Mecca. He had to get the Meccans to surrender without a fight, and quickly.

Bob: And how would he do that?

Uzza: Muhammad was not bound by convention. He did what he needed to do to win and then made sure you were never in a position to challenge his authority again as he progressed to his next objective, always with the ultimate objective in mind. He was both brilliant in war and peace even using a tactic of the Arabs to avoid bloodshed: the fear of death.

Bob: But the Muslims were not afraid of death?

Uzza: But their opponents were. And the believers have been using this fear to their advantage to this day.

Bob: You mean they sent suicide squads inside Mecca to kill men, women and children to spread terror?

Uzza: They did what I believe the Meccans at Medina tried to do, intimidate the believers into giving up without a fight, by convincing them that they would lose if it came to that, and that they probably would lose their lives.

Gerry: Isn’t that a form terrorism.

Uzza: The Meccan form is a promise reluctantly made in the name of self-preservation. Islamic terror is proactive and coercive, it has a violent history and an agenda, it does not care how many lives or whose life it takes and in what manner, the more horrific the better, and that is what makes it so effective.

Gerry: But at Mecca, the Prophet used the Meccan way and it worked.

Uzza: He used the Arab way in making for a show of strength then offering a compromise to avoid bloodshed. But it remained Islamic style terrorism in that it was coercive and when he had the Meccans at his mercy his agenda would not be denied.

Gerry: You mean Allah’s Cause?

Archie: Get over it, there the same!

Uzza: Before Mecca Muhammad initially behaved like an Arab, not a believer, offering a way out to a suitably awed disinclined foe who enjoyed the life they had in the here-and-now and were in no hurry to find out what awaited them in the Hereafter.

Archie: Like any sensible people.

Uzza: What also worked in Muhammad's favour was that the hapless Meccan leader at the Battle of the Trench still held sway. With nothing to stop him but the determination of free men to remain free, Muhammad parked his army, when he arrived at nightfall, just outside the city. Countless campfires were lit to confuse the enemy as to the size of his army.

Bob: Isn’t that what they always do.

Uzza: With everything in order he invited the hapless Abu Sufyan for a visit. During his time among the believers Muhammad made sure he was constantly surrounded by thousands of heavily armed holy warriors, some on parade, other executing mock attacks in the shimmering firelight making them even more menacing, spontaneously stopping whatever they were doing to shout that blood-curdling cry, Allahu Akbar, announcing an imminent slaughter in Allah's Cause, as it does today.

Gerry: Impressive.

Uzza: With a suitability cowered Abu Sufyan, Muhammad offered to spare the lives of all Meccans who laid down their arms and stayed in their homes or sought refuge in the Ka'ba while the believers occupied the city. Except for Sufyan's wife, who remained defiant, the Meccan surrendered en masse and agreed to become believers, but not before obtaining a concession from Muhammad that they could continue worshipping the goddesses al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat.

Gerry: And he agreed to this concession?

Uzza: Yes, after a quick consultation with Allah.

Archie: Am I missing something here? Muslims don't worship women.

Uzza: No, they don't. The next morning Muhammad said it was all the devil's doing; that the devil had intruded on his conversation with Allah and that in the morning God had set him straight. Allah was particularly incensed that the Meccans would assign to Him female offspring.

Archie: I give up. Muslims will believe anything.

Uzza: What is referred to as The Satanic Verses, revelations that confirmed the existence of female goddesses who were entitled to be worshipped, were stricken from the Koran.

Bob: But, that was a condition for the Meccans to become Muslims. Nobody objected?

Uzza: What could they do, the believers were in control of the city and their weapons had been confiscated.