Remembering Uzza

If Islam was explained to me in a pub




1 A Bad Case of Dogmatic Distress

2 Blame George W. Bush

3 No Scarf, No Service!

4 A Shirley Temple Anyone?

5 The Enemy Within

6 The First Holy Homicide

7 Remember the Alamo

8 Home School

9 Critics are for Killing

10 The Medium and the Message

11 Archie Loses It!

12 Who Are You Calling Stupid?

13 A War That Pays For Itself

14 Overkill Becomes the Norm

15 Rape Without Compassion Becomes the Norm

16 Wife Management Difficulties Resolved

17 Two Down, One to Go

18 If It Was Only About Going Around in Circles

19 No Paradise for Old Men

20 The Ka’ba: The Nabataeans, Abraham or Adam?

21 The Hajj: So Many Pilgrims, Not Enough Time

22 Stupid Is As Stupid Does

23 A Strategic Massacre

24 Orphaned by Lust

25 A Big Deal of a Treaty

26 A Man in a Hurry Takes Wife #11

27 Hell is for Mothers

28 An Attempted Assassination and the Bloodcurdling Cry

29 Mecca Cowed and Deceived

30 MAD for Mecca

31 Ten Murders in One Night and when Charity was Extortion

32 Foreplay and Fallacies

33 A Woman Who Slept Around Confronts the Conqueror

34 A Whore's Understanding

35 The Cleansing of Mecca and Avoiding a Similar Fate

36 Hunayn, the Ultimate Victory for God and Booty

37 More Slavers, Less Sinners

38 What Do Hypocrites Have to Do with It?

39 A Matter of Interest

40 The Muslim vs. the Christian Crusades and the Concept of Family

41 Beowulf and the Koran

42 The Sykes–Picot Betrayal Haunts Us Still

43 The Christian Mosque of Medina

44 Mary, What a Strange Thing You Have Done!

45 100 Years of Conflicts and Conquests and No Muhammad

46 Birth of a Cult

47 The Passing of Perfection

48 Tomorrow Today