Is Ripping Up A Koran Ever Justified?

Police intervened at a Toronto-area school board (Peel) meeting on Wednesday evening after members in the audience shouted anti-Muslim rhetoric, tore pages from a Koran and stepped on the religious text.

Globe and Mail, March 23, 2017

Every year the University of Ottawa, the capital's largest, is host to Islam Awareness Week. Ground zero for this event is the Jock Turcot Centre, "a multi-purpose facility, offering many venues for students, faculty, alumni, and others, to meet and relax."

At this event, anyone can pick up a free copy of the Saudi funded translation of the Koran. Its free distribution, courtesy of Saudi subsidies, has made it the most widely read and quoted edition of the Koran on the planet.

Professor Khaleel Mohammed, Department of Religious Studies at San Diego State University on the Saudi Koran:

From the beginning, the Hilali and Muhsin Khan translation reads more like a supremacist Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian polemic than a rendition of the Islamic scripture…

Islam being the later religion which the prophets of the Bible failed to anticipate means that its one prophet could denounce with impunity the message of those who came before, Jesus in particular. The injurious speech of a god may not deserve to be trampled on, but its amplification by mortals, as the Saudi have done in a book they peddle as the word of God may not warrant the same consideration.

Adding insult to injury, the Saudi Koran concludes with evocatively titled denunciations squarely aimed at recruiting Christians in Allah's Cause. Example: FINALITY OF PROOF ON THE FABRICATION OF THE STORY OF THE CROSS (capitalization theirs) and BIBLICAL EVIDENCE OF JESUS BEING A SERVANT OF GOD AND HAVING NO SHARE IN DIVINITY.

In both invectives, writers of the gospels are extensively quoted in support of the Koran's assertion that Jesus did not die on the cross and that Allah does not share power with a son and those who make that claim are committing the greatest sin of all, Shirk, an "unpardonable sin" to quote the Saudi Koran.

The top forty sins in descending order of evilness

The Koran would have the community of believers, because of what it asserts is their superiority in faith, rule the universe and purge it of undesirables. In 1925 a man published a book in which he made the same claim for his community based on its alleged racial superiority.

The near success of the latter and the continued success of the former supremacist doctrine is largely due to a strategy of deceiving your opponents as to your stated intentions until such a time as your inferiors find themselves at a disadvantage.

47:35 So do not weaken and call for peace, while you have the upper hand and Allah is with you. He will not stint you your actions.

Bavaria has maintained a ban on the publication of the 1925 supremacist polemic even after the author's copyright expired in 2016. Banning or ripping up books except perhaps in protest, even those which contain invitations to genocide and are as openly contemptuous of your beliefs as is the Saudi Koran is not the answer.

Nonetheless, something must be done to alert more people to their message and ways found to effectively counter it and not be intimated by affirmations that it is an expression of the will of a god who can't be bothered to do his own dirty work.


Reads well, but shops would be very reluctant to stock something on this subject that isn't by a scholar or authority of some kind or other. If you could get some endorsements.

In looking to satisfy a publisher’s requirement that I obtain the endorsement of a religious scholar or authority of some type before they would consider publishing Pain, Pleasure and Prejudice, the then Rector of Saint Paul University arranged for me to meet with an eminent European theologian and guest lecturer who had written extensively on Islam and the Koran. He asked if my book presented the Koran and the Prophet in a positive light.

When I answered "no, not always", he handed me back my manuscript. His concern was that the Bible also contained questionable passages, and for him to endorse a book that contained even mild criticisms of the Koranic text was to invite retaliation in kind. That ship sailed 1,400 years ago.

What translation of the Koran are you reading?

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Bernard Payeur