Children and the Koran

The End of Empathy

A lack of empathy in believers, whether it be an instilled pathology or a manifestation of loyalty to one’s tribe means we can no longer count that love of country or respect for Western civilization and what it stands for will see us through.

The threat that an absence of empathy and tribalism poses can be significantly reduced if we diminish the hate-that-binds; if we stop a god’s pathological loathing for those who will not submit from corrupting innocence by making the Koran for adults only.

By having you read what children who should be enjoying Babar the Elephant or Cinderella are reading, I hope to convince you to try to do just that—for their sake, and ours.

If Children and the Koran - The End of Empathy does not convince you of the pressing need to make the Koran for adults only, nothing will!


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