Boys in the Front, Girls to the Back

Narrated Um Atiya:

We were ordered to bring out our menstruating women and veiled women in the religious gatherings and invocation of Muslims on the two 'Id festivals. These menstruating women were to keep away from their Musalla (open space outside a mosque mainly used for praying).

Bukhari 8.347

In the Islamic world women's unequal status is affirmed everyday during prayers in a mosque or in the open space around Allah's House of Prayer, the Musalla. This is pretty much how we do it over here, including how we do it in the ostensibly secular Canadian public school system.

Public schools in Ontario, in apparent contravention of Ontario’s Education Act, have been allowing Muslims to hold prayer services on school property, such as the cafeteria at Valley Park Middle School (Toronto District School Board) in the following picture.

Muslims at prayer Valley Park Middle School cafeteria
John Goddard, Toronto Star

In the picture, boys are in the front, in the back, separated by benches, are girls, and still further back are girls who are not praying, for there is no point, it's their time of the month. Allah will not listen to females who are menstruating and expects them to be kept as far away as possible from those worshipping his Almightiness.

Females, whether they are menstruating or not, cannot worship in front of males for that would annul the male's prayers.

Narrated Aisha:

The things which annul the prayers were mentioned before me. They said, "Prayer is annulled by a dog, a donkey and a woman (if they pass in front of the praying people)."

I said, "You have made us (i.e. women) dogs.

I saw the Prophet praying while I used to lie in my bed between him and the Qibla. Whenever I was in need of something, I would slip away for I disliked to face him."

Bukhari 9.490

Aisha said [to Muhammad]: "You have made us equal to the dogs and the asses."

Muslim 4:1039

Prayers in schools is simply the most brazen and worrisome manifestation of Tariq Ramadan's exhortation to believing women to invade the public space dressed in traditional Islamic garbs as a part of a campaign to swamp the West with advertising for the religion that hates them. It was Tariq Ramadan's mother, Wafa al-Banna, the daughter of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, who instructed her son in the Salafist theology which guides the actions of such entities as the Islamic State, and which her son would see propagated worldwide, assisted by the non-threatening example of females on parade to conceal the encroachment on the secular of an intolerant ideology.

Organized religion is not unlike a modern corporation that wants to successfully market a product. Just like modern business leaders, from the hamburger to the sugared water peddlers, religious leaders know that the best time to get the consumer to buy into their message, their product, is to get them hooked on their brand while that consumer is still a child or an adolescent and is in an environment that will make them more receptive, indeed captive, to their advertising.

From: Teach Your Children Well

A school providing taxpayer funded facilities free of charge to peddle their ware to a captive audience is a marketer's dream come true. This is much more serious than females walking around as billboards for the religion which claims exclusivity of the truth.

48:28 "It is He Who sent forth His Messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, that He may exalt it above every other religion. Allah suffices as Witness."

Children's and teenagers' natural curiosity will draw them to what is happening in the room next door. Preachers and sermonizers, like the accomplished salesman, can be extremely persuasive in whatever venue you find them. Parents worry about what their children will pick up on the street; they should not have to worry what they may pick up at school.

Education director Chris Spence is quoted as saying that “As a public school board, we have a responsibility and an obligation to accommodate faith needs,” even rituals that are meant to remind females of their place in the man’s religion, a place they share with donkeys and dogs.

I wonder what Chris Spence would do if a Muslim Rosa Parks wanted to worship in the front rows, or next to boys. Would he tell her to get to the back of the bus … I mean to the back of the cafeteria?

One of the last refuge for children and young people from the relentless bombardment of the word of God, the secular public school system, has been breached, and we should be worried.

From Blacks to Females to the Back

Viola Desmond made history and will now be the first woman, apart from the queen, to be prominently featured on a banknote for standing up against a bigoted policy of blacks to the back in public cinemas in Nova Scotia.

People in Toronto trampled on pages of the Koran partly in protest against females being herded to the back of whatever room they find themselves in to be lectured to by male students during school hours on school property on the revered opinions of a misogynous man and the equally demeaning observations as to their flawed character he conveyed from a deity with the same mindset.

It is forbidden for a female lead the believers in prayer or deliver the Friday khutba, i.e. sermon if even one man is present, no matter his qualifications or mental acuity. An inferior cannot lecture a superior as to the ways of God.

With activists petitioning school boards and being granted the right for children who submit to the Will of Allah to congregate for prayers on school property during school hours, children of parents who believe in the equality of the sexes can only hope that their sons and daughters, after witnessing this abasing spectacle and hearing that it is all part of God's plan as revealed in the Koran, will resist the urge to be part of the Almighty's design.

Just as in the time of Viola Desmond, governments at all levels are siding with the bigots, with discrimination based on one's sex for all to see replacing discrimination based on the colour of one's skin.

Bernard Payeur

The Escalating Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Kids