Teach Your Children Well

Children and the Koran

Teach Your Children Well

Children are our future

Teach them well and let them lead the way

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There is a very common ceremony practiced throughout most of the Muslim world called Khatmi-Qur’an. It is the ceremony to recognize and celebrate a child’s first full reading of the Koranic text. Most children complete the first full reading of the Qur’an between the age of four and seven.

It is the mother's responsibility to get her children to the Khatmi-Qur’an. Mosques around the world have the equivalent of Sunday school classes to assist the mother in getting her children "to master the proper pronunciation and to read the text clearly from the first verse to the last."

Children as young as four years old receive a sex education skewed by Islam’s concept of morality as part of their religious indoctrination.

Reading the Koran, children learn that their mothers cannot refuse their fathers' demand for sex; that she is nothing more than a field to be ploughed at the discretion of the ploughman.

Reading the Koran, children learn that homosexuals are to be despised for committing what Allah repeatedly damns as the "foul act."

Reading the Koran children learn that Paradise is a place where men can fornicate to their hearts content, with Allah providing perpetual virgins, blushing maidens, purified wives and heavenly, sexually adept pleasure mates called houris.

Reading the Koran, children learn that females are deceitful, week-minded inferiors consumed with lust for the male body; and left to their own devices would bring chaos to the orderly world of the Koran which is why Allah has made their fathers, brothers, uncles and later their husbands their guardians and masters.

Reading the Koran children are exposed to unimaginable cruelties that would make an adult cringe.

Reading the Koran, children learn that all non-Muslims are enemies of Allah, and not to take them as friends, less they too become His enemies and all that entails.

Perhaps still too young to understand the horror of what their are being asked to do, they will read and repeat, what will become a persistent refrain for the rest of their lives, revelations which encourages them to become martyrs and mass-murderers in pursuit of Allah's Obsession to rid the world of unbelievers.

Reading the Koran ...

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Bernard Payeur