Seduced by Scriptural Sadism

Dr. Abuanza and the Banality of Evil

What if you could re-create the sadism that is a hallmark of Allah's Hereafter in the here-and now?

Your run-of-the mill holy warrior can only do so much. Doctors are another matter, and they are not immune to the seductive sadism which saturates the Muslim Holy Book.

Given the opportunity, trained medical personnel can do a very good approximation of the Almighty at his pitiless, cruelest best.

4:56 Those who have disbelieved Our Signs, We shall surely cast them into the Fire; every time their skins are burnt, We will replace them by other skins, so that they might taste the punishment. Allah indeed is Mighty and Wise!

Issam Abuanza, 37, is a doctor who left his family in the UK in 2014 to join Islamic State in Syria. Keep revelation 4:56 in mind as you read the following:

On social media, Dr Abuanza has said he wished that a Jordanian pilot burnt alive by IS had taken longer to die … I would've liked for them to burn him extremely slowly and I could treat him so we could torch him once more.

On his Facebook page he is pictured wearing doctors' scrubs and carrying a gun in a holster. He smiles as he raises his finger in the air - a symbolic gesture to represent the oneness of God that is commonly seen in the iconography of Islamic extremism.

Another image shows him in combat fatigues, cradling an automatic rifle and reading the Koran.

BBC News May 24, 2016

Dr. Abuanza, a poster child for the banality of evil, was trained to heal and relieve suffering, not to torture and murder ... and he could not resist.

Imagine the Koran's impact on impressionable young minds who are expected to have mouthed, if not memorized the entire hateful sadistic liturgy by the time they are seven years old.

A (UK) mother who beat her seven-year-old son to death when he failed to memorize passages from the Koran has been jailed for life and must serve a minimum of 17 years.

BBC, January 7, 2013

A very common ceremony practiced throughout most of the Muslim world called Khatmi-Qur’an celebrates a child’s first full reading of Allah’s Revelations.Doctor reading his Kora

Children who should be reading Babar the Elephant (or Cinderella) are instead compelled to read the most sadistic, pitiless passages ever imagined. When they grow up they too will be capable of doing the most sadistic, cruel, pitiless acts imaginable and many will do so, like the doctor shown here reading his Koran and dreaming of the day he will be able to honour his Creator by emulating His abject cruelty as only he can.

Bernard Payeur, May 25, 2016

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