Environics' Survey of Muslims in Canada 2016

A Consequence of Abetting Holy Homophobia

Almost half of believers polled, 43%, agreed with the statement: "Homosexuality SHOULD NOT be accepted by society".

In 2006, to counter a similar rise in homophobia, the Netherlands, to assess if potential immigrants from mainly Islamic countries would be troubled by the more liberal attitudes they would encounter, required them to view a film in which two men are shown kissing in a meadow (opponents said that this was a subterfuge to limit Muslim immigration, which is telling in itself, and the practice may have been discontinued).

In Canada, an imam who openly denounces homosexuality as a sin was given the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his contribution to Canada.

He was also, as reported in the Globe and Mail (May 2, 2016), feted "surrounded by mayors, police chiefs and dignitaries, celebrating 26 years of the Canadian Council of Imams. ... Mr. Quick isn’t just any imam. The 66-year-old is followed on social media by thousands of young Muslims. He has close to 2,300 Twitter followers, more than 800,000 likes on Facebook, 12,000 fans on Instagram."

Holy homophobia must be denounced as vigorously, if not more than your regular kind considering it's provenance.

No one who has gotten to know gays and lesbians as warm, kind, smart, generous humans beings as I have could condemn them, as does the duplicitous Creator who gave them the genes that make them unique, his erstwhile spokesperson, the Prophet Muhammad, and Imam Quick

Homosexuality - Crime and Punishment

A Generational Time Bomb

Our survey found that young Muslims are often more religious than their immigrant parents. For many, their religious identity is becoming more important to them – not less.

An obsession with traditions, selective memory loss and a willingness to abandon one's capacity to reason is rapidly becoming, in many Western countries, a young people's psychosis.

For young people who have never experienced the old ways this obsession with traditions and rituals appears to come from contact with teachers, religious scholars and preachers versed in the old ways. This contact being facilitated, if not forced, by parents who want their children to adopt traditions and customs which they themselves questioned when they were young. The same parents who fled oppressive or dysfunctional regimes to live secure productive lives in the West.

They are the same parents who insisted that the religion that created most of the conditions that made their lives miserable in their native land be taught to their children, or at least accommodated in the public school system and in the public space in their adopted countries.

(From Teach Your Children Well - What Were They Thinking?)

They got their wish and now, like us, are reaping the rewards.

More people looking to scriptures for guidance can only lead to less integration as the many references to communities of believers in the survey suggest (HAMM anyone).

How could it be otherwise?

Allah has warned us in the Koran, do not befriend the kuffar, do not align yourself with the kuffar; the verses are so many and so numerous I can’t recite every one of them.

From an exhortation made to students from a British madrassa by Abu Yusuf Riyadh-ul-Haq, an Islamic scholar based in the United Kingdom, not to associate with Christians and Jews.

BBC documentary, British Schools, Islamic Rules

Some of the pervasive warnings alluded to by Riyadh-ul-Haq.

Evidence of a Conflicted Citizenry

Among those who consider both religion and country to be very important to their identity (72% of the population), half (50%) say that being Muslim is more important, compared with 15 percent who place greater emphasis on being Canadian, and 27 percent who maintain that both parts of their identity are equally important.

The Counterfeit Citizen

The Classroom Too Is For Praying

Believers were asked "Should Muslims in Canada have the right to pray in public schools? 75% said yes.

The merchant in the Prophet may have been the first to invent the now ubiquitous behavioural modifier that are reward-points with his concept of, for lack of a better expression, I like to call frequent-prayer points. This is unique to Islam and can only lead to even greater demands to allow prayers in the public school system.

Angels and a Point-Based Reward System, How the number of prayers was arrived at, Children Under Siege

A Non-Freudian Assessment of a Woman's Mind

More than half (53%) of Muslim women surveyed say they wear a hijab, chador or niqab in public, with this proportion up from 42% in 2006.

The proliferation of the veil, whose popularity appears to increase in lockstep with a surge in obsession with religion, must inevitably lead to a blurring of the line between the secular and the ostensibly holy.

We could use Freud's insights into why women would militate for an outcome that is clearly not in their interest by serving as walking advertisement for a religion whose founder and his out-of-this-world Mentor hold them in such low esteem.

In Freud's absence, we can consider the observations about women made by a man whose success in motivating multitudes to do his bidding (including some really nasty stuff that doesn't come naturally) is a testament to his unparalleled understanding of the human psyche.

In addressing a group of "believing" women, God's last and greatest spokesperson, was as blunt as the god for whom he said he spoke in describing their spiritual and mental shortcomings:

The women asked, "O Allah's Apostle! What is deficient in our intelligence and religion?"

He said, "Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?"

They replied in the affirmative.

He said, "This is the deficiency in her intelligence. Isn't it true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?"

The women replied in the affirmative.

He said, "This is the deficiency in her religion."

Bukhari 6.301

Sayings and Deeds of the Prophet - Women

Bernard Payeur