Jihad in the Koran

Allah's Enemies List

Jihad in the KoranGenerations long gone and new generations of sceptics who continue to not see any good in Allah’s Revelations and would rather He kept them to Himself are many, and for them, the Compassionate harbours a singular animosity.

In no particular order:

The Vanquished Enemies of Old

1. The Meccans who should have emigrated.

2. The Meccans and their Allies Who Fought the Messenger

3. The Arab Hypocrites

4. The Jewish Hypocrites of the Hijaz.

5. The Antagonizers: those who held discussions of which the Prophet was unaware.

6. Unbelievers of Yore.

To Be Vanquished

7. The Jews.

8. The Christians.

9. Polytheists.

10. Reformers.

11. The True Unbelievers.

12. Those who don’t believe in any God.