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Attention porn and mainstream producers who wish to do porn and make a difference! What if you could save thousands, if not tens of thousands of lives by making a movie that mixes sex and scriptures? A sort of Fifty Shades of Grey for the sexually naive continue...

2023 Israel-Hamas War | 2023 | 2022 | O Canada

Taliban decrees on clothing and male guardians leave Afghan women scared to go out alone, says UN... Over half of the women interviewed for the report felt unsafe leaving the house without a male guardian, or mahram. CityNews Feb. 17, 2024

In the weirdness that is Islam where women are concerned, a lactating female can make any man mahram, i.e. ineligible for marriage therefore eligible to be her male guardian by suckling him.

Woman who fired inside a church allegedly praised Hamas, Hezbollah, Osama bin Laden 'Don’t worry my MUSLIMS brothers I am pass the threat phase. I’m in planning mode. Please don’t message me private trying to stop me,' Genesse Moreno wrote on her Telegram channel on Jan. 3 National Post, Feb. 16, 2024

Why women would join, let alone kill and die for a religion that denigrates them and condemns the vast majority to burn in hell is a mystery.

'It's not a one-time rape. It's happening now': Canadian pleads for the return of her cousin taken by Hamas National Post, Feb. 16, 2024

Sex and the Booty

Italy donates 3D-printed replica of statue destroyed by ISIS to Iraq... Constructed in the ninth century BC, the 5-meter-tall (16-foot) “Bull of Nimrud” was destroyed by ISIS fighters in 2015, CNN Feb. 13, 2024


Terry Glavin: Four months ago, Hamas's bloody pogrom shattered Israeli society... Canada’s own foreign affairs minister, Mélanie Joly, insisted in December that while Hamas can never again be allowed hold power in Gaza, a two-state solution has never been more viable as a consequence of the Hamas attacks, that it’s just a matter of the "right parties at the table to give the right credibility.” Feb. 7, 2024

Another example that terrorism works if you are willing to be brutal enough as the Koran recommends.

9:123 O you who believe, fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them see how harsh you can be. Know that Allah is with the righteous.

U.S. porn actor [Whitney Wright] who advocates for Palestinians visits Iran on trip unacknowledged by Tehran, The Associated Press, Feb. 5, 2024

I wonder if Ms. Wright would be interested in doing porn for good. She is, after all, concerned with saving lives and that is what Love, Sex and Islam is all about. At 32 she would be perfect for the part of Anne.

Avi Benlolo: Antisemitism in Canadian universities at least as bad as in UNRWA The surge in antisemitism is a direct result of imported Palestinian propaganda aimed at delegitimizing, defaming, and demonizing Israel Feb. 2, 2024

The surge in antisemitism may also have to do with prayers said in mosques, madrassas and increasingly in the secular school system and in universities and colleges that have acquiesced to the demands for prayer rooms.

Prayers in Islam are not about asking for favours or intervention—those are supplications and are a totally different thing—but worshipping Allah by uttering, usually as part of an assembly, verses from the book He authored. A prayer said alone and in silence is practically worthless. In a period of approximately a year, observant Sunnis will have prayed the entire Koran.

In saying their prayers believers are repeating some of the most hate filled scriptures, especially for Jews, ever imagined. Prayers are sacrosanct for every religion therefore off-limits in places of worship. But that should not be the case in our education system and which has created a fertile ground for the type of antisemitic propaganda mentioned by Mr. Benlolo.

Jesse Kline: The UNRWA teachers who slaughtered Jews and the Canadian profs who admire them." ...In December, Jewish educators told the National Post about a culture of antisemitism within Ontario’s Peel District School Board." Jan. 30, 2024

It is both a truism and a cliché that children are the future. Where that future will be shaped is in the classroom. The public non-denominational school system in Canada is both the strength and the Achilles’ heel of our democratic collective. The strength can be found in schools where children are still taught that the human journey is a journey in the pursuit of knowledge through scientific enquiry and critical thinking. Each generation being responsible for taking that additional step in the direction of the elusive, ultimate truth, which, if ever discovered would mean the end of the human journey as we know it.

The empirical pursuit of knowledge about our universe and our place in it, a gift from the Greeks of antiquity rediscovered during the Renaissance and the period known as the Enlightenment, is facing a serious challenge from those who believe that this journey ended long ago and that we should now simply worship and wait for the promised reward for our uncritical acceptance of revealed truths, immutable facts communicated to a mortal by a god.

Most, if not all religions would like nothing better than to transform classrooms into centers of religious indoctrination instead of education. Islam has been the most successful in breaching the last refuge of children from the bombardment of the word of God, the Peel and the Toronto School District being prime examples.

Muslim council cancels meeting with Trudeau over Gaza funding... “We’re interested in the government taking real tangible action to reduce Islamophobia in this country (and) taking real tangible action to stop the hostilities in the Middle East,” Stephen Brown (CEO of the National Council of Canadian Muslims) said. The Canadian Press Jan. 30, 2024

Uzza: Some people believe in the separation of Church and State as deeply as Islamists believe there should be no such distinction. Allowing Islam to blur this line by letting it market its ideology everywhere made people uneasy, and rightly so. If governments had held the line against a militant Islam that recognises no man-made boundaries to its expansion and jealously guarded the fragile exception that is Western civilization instead of caving in to bullies, there might have been fewer reasons for people to fear Islam.

Gerry: So you agree that Islamophobia is real.

Uzza: A fear of Islam is real, and it is not a phobia, as Islamists and their patsies would have you believe.

Gerry: By patsies, you mean politicians?

Uzza: And well-meaning people who don't know any better. A fear of Islam is a legitimate fear. Fear is what non-believers who get close and personal with the Koran and Allah’s unrestrained visceral hatred and cruelty for their kind will experience, for that is the intent. It is a fear nourished and amplified by the Author’s demands of believers when it comes to dealing with those for whom He has nothing but contempt: from avoiding them, to enslaving them, to killing them. Fear is what terrorism in the name of Allah is all about.

Instead of dealing with this fear in a forthright manner, Western governments preferred spreading the Islamic slander that a fear of Islam is an irrational fear, that of Islamophobia, or worse, racism, as if Islam was a race and not a religion.

From Remembering Uzza - If Islam Was Explained to Me in a Pub: The Enemy Within, Boreal Books.

Hamas command center found under cemetery Israel accused of desecrating Inside the tunnel, the IDF found an office from which a Hamas Khan Yunis Brigade battalion commander managed the attack on Oct. 7 National Post, Jan. 29, 2024

In Islam there should not be cemeteries as we know them. Muhammad, on his death bed, ranted against the tradition of erecting monuments over the grave of a dearly departed as creating a distraction from worshipping Allah. Most of his wives are buried in Medina’s Baqi cemetery which has since been bulldozed to erase all grave markers. What the Israelis did is not that much different than what the Saudis did to the most famous cemetery in Islam.

Taking a Bulldozer to History

Anti-Islamophobia envoy warns of chill on freedom of speech in relation to Gaza... “Better government co-ordination would allow more precise measures, Elghawaby argues, weeding out criminal acts of hate targeting any community while preserving their right to speak out.” Canadian Press, Jan 27, 2024

Since Ms. Elghawaby got that high-paying job she has adopted a more balanced speech, and for that we should all be grateful. Weeding out "acts of hate", including hate speech, against any community is a good thing. However, Ms. Elghawaby exhibited a double standard when it came to weeding out hate speech from within her community.

In 2015, the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence issued a report based largely on testimony from prominent Muslims about the threat posed by foreign trained imams. The Committee recommended that “the federal government work with the provinces and the Muslim communities to investigate the options that are available for the training and certification of imams in Canada.”

Ms. Elghawaby, then communications director of the CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations)-like National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) would have none of it. In an apoplectic response she misrepresented, not only the testimony of moderate coreligionist but the intent of the recommendation as an attack on the freedom of speech of Muslims.

Saudi Arabia to change alcohol rules... Saudi Arabia is preparing to open its first alcohol store in the capital Riyadh which will serve exclusively non-Muslim diplomats. CNN Jan. 25, 2024

If, as a Muslim, you may not even enjoy a simple glass of wine with dinner, blame Umar. Until Umar convinced Him otherwise, Allah only asked that believers not attend prayers while drunk,

The rules regulating alcohol quotas for non-Muslim diplomatic missions are being introduced to “counter the illicit trade of alcohol goods.”

That is how Sohrab made a living during his stay in Kuwait.

'October 7' restaurant allegedly named after Hamas's massacre opens in Jordan Ottawa Citizen Jan. 25, 2024

A café will have to do until conditions permit the building of a mosque, the usual way militant Islam commemorates a significant massacre or victory (often one and the same). More than ten years had to pass before permits were issued for the building of what is referred to as the Ground Zero mosque, two blocks from where the two towers once stood.

Islamic group calling for Shariah law cancels Canadian event after U.K. declares it a terrorist entity National Post, Jan. 24,2024

A brief introduction to Sharia Law

The Muslim who saved us from our ignorant selves

Katherine Brodsky: Growing up in Israel surrounded by suicide bombings left a scar Jan. 20, 2024

The scars are left by men who kill and die on a god’s claim that the dead have better sex than the living. We could seriously diminish the scourge of suicide bombers by telling the young men who are the majority who seek sex through murder and self-immolation the truth about sex in Paradise.

Halal food industry growing to meet demand as Muslim population continues rising Globe And Mail, Jan. 14, 2024

In 2016, an Islamophile made it the responsibility of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to confirm that animals whose meat is destined for a believer's table have been tortured to death

Ottawa plans 'multi-stage' vetting process for visa applicants from Gaza amid security fears National Post, Jan 12, 2024

Asking the same questions twice is not the answer. Asking the right questions once, as Uzza suggests in her namesake book, will properly vet any immigrant from any Sharia jurisdiction.

Al Rashid Mosque cuts ties with Edmonton-based halal mortgage company. Jan. 10, 2024

Halal mortgages are a fiction. Both the Koran, and the illiterate who revealed its contents warned against attempting to circumvent God’s restriction against earning both simple and compound interest, or what they considered its equivalent, on the sale of whatever.

Allah | Muhammad

Toronto police chief apologizes after officer delivers coffee to anti-Israel protesters National Post, Jan. 8, 2024

In the opening act of Remembering Uzza - If Islam Was Explained to Me in a Pub the host of a popular current affairs program visits his favourite bar after being charged by the police with causing a viewer to experience a severe case of Dogmatic Distress Syndrome, or DDS for short, which caused said viewer to stalk said host and shoot him, wounding him. Read to the end of A Bad Case of Dogmatic Distress for the answer to why the police would charge the victim and not his assailant. It may actually be relevant, or soon may be, to why the police would serve coffee to pro-Hamas protestors.

Charlie Hebdo, neuf ans après l’attentat (nine years after the attack) Le Point, Jan. 7, 2024

Remembering the murdered.

ISIS claims responsibility for deadliest attack in Iran since 1979 revolution CNN Jan. 4, 2024

Remember the Islamic State.

Iran says at least 103 people killed, 211 wounded in two explosions... The explosions occurred near his grave site as long lines of people gathered for the event. The Associated Press, Jan. 3, 2024

You would expect a commemoration to be where a person passed on for, according to Muhammad, a reconstituted body and soul survives in a space beneath the ground where they died.

"These are the times that try men's soul," Thomas Paine.

My everyman's writings on the Koran, Muhammad and Islam are part of what, with Lucette's passing, became a solitary campaign against the willful ignorance that will be our undoing.

The Morning After

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