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A combined pitch for three scripts aimed at producers looking to make a difference:

1) Love, Sex and Islam,

2) Remembering Uzza - If Islam Was Explained to Me in a Pub,

3) Alice Visits a Mosque to Learn About Judgement Day.

ET TU PIZZA PIZZA! On April 23, like I do about once a week, I walked to the Pizza Pizza joint at the end of my street to order a small pepperoni pizza. On the counter was a newly-placed sign offering halal meat toppings. It started with food stores offering meat products from animals tortured to death to cater to a growing Muslim population. Many fast food chains have since jumped on the halal bandwagon.

No animal should have their throat cut and left to slowly bleed to death while fully conscious because that is how it was done more than a thousand years ago or to increase sales. I will no longer, where possible, patronize establishments whose offering includes meats from animals tortured to death, and neither should you.

HELL IS FOR MOTHERS. Muhammad considered women the most ungrateful of creatures and that is why is it mainly mothers who will keep Hell's Fire burning. Allah will marry His infamous female facsimiles to non-martyr husbands whose spouses He has condemned to burn for an eternity in His ghastly torture chamber.

44:52-54 In gardens and well-springs. They wear silk and brocade facing each other. Thus it will be; and we gave them wide-eyed houris in marriage.

CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE “Dutch Right-Wing Parties Reach Preliminary Deal to Form a Government” NY Times, May 15, 2024. To reach an agreement Geert Wilders sacrificed two key planks of his party that if widely emulated by Western governments could have slowed, if not stop the triumph of Islam in the West—the subject of our next book. Time to consider Boreal’s less draconian solution which would make the Koran for adults only, not ban it; and put our faith in a Western education for all children while allowing post-elementary madrassas where mature students could be exposed to Islamic values, not banning the schools altogether.

Recommended reading: Children and the Koran

WOMEN AND THE FATE OF HUMANITY Women have been deciding the fate of civilizations since the dawn of written history and probably long before that, and they will continue to be largely responsible for the fate of humanity. The women of Sumer gave birth to Western civilization. The women of Islam, in getting their trusting children to believe in the Koran and the narrow limits it places on the imagination, may bring it to an end.

Getting believing submissive mothers to stop getting their kids hooked on the Koran is probably impossible in the short and medium term. Uzza may have a long-term solution if enlightened brides-to-be have the courage to put suitors to the test.

Islamic Scriptures as They Relate to Current Events

News Analysis you will not find anywhere else (O=Off-topic)

2023 Israel-Hamas War | 2023 | 2022 | O Canada

Iran's President Raisi killed in helicopter crash CNN May 20, 2024

For his role on the so-called death committee during the 1988 executions of Iranian political prisoners, Raisi became known as the "Butcher of Tehran". My friend Abbas, aka Sohrab, was detained when Ayatollah Ebrahim Raisi was in charge of putting down unrest under Khomeini. He was one of hundreds of young people, mostly students, who had been corralled at a protest and herded into a large room at a nearby detention facility. He remembers it as one of the the worst nights of his life.

Saudi king Salman to be treated for lung inflammation Reuters May 19, 2024

Why the King did not look to prophetic medicine for a cure.

U.N. Lowers Count of Women and Children Killed... Citing Incomplete Information the total number of deaths remained roughly the same, a U.N. official said that it was awaiting more identifying information from officials in Gaza for about 10,000 of the dead, so they were not included in the new breakdown of women, men and children... The change came because the United Nations switched to citing a more conservative source for its numbers — the Gazan Ministry of Health — rather than using Gaza’s Government Media Office. NYTimes May 14, 2024

The Koran encourages lying, as Gaza’s Media Office has obviously been doing, if it will advance Allah's Cause, a world ruled by the Sharia.

4:71 O believers, be on your guard; so march in detachments or march altogether.

4:72 Indeed, among you is one who will stay behind, so that if a disaster befalls you, he will say: “Allah has favoured me, since I have not been a martyr with them.”

4:73 If, however, a bounty from God comes to you, he will say, as though there was no friendship between you and him: “Would that I had been with them; then I would have won a great victory.”

A system of government based on the Koran and the sayings and example of Muhammad is the goal of every Islamic terrorist organization, and Hamas is no exception.

Happy Mothers' Day, Boreal, May 12, 2024

Dear life givers, enjoy your time in the here and now for, if a revered prophet's visions are any indication, your time in the Hereafter may not be as pleasant.

Aussie teen killed by police was in deradicalization program since causing school explosion Associated Press, May 7, 2024

Deradicalization requires convincing the radicalized that Allah does not want them to go out and kill unbelievers. This is not that easy since Islamic scriptures say otherwise. There may be, however, a surefire way to test if an individual is still a risk.

An Indian woman accused her husband of forcing her to have ‘unnatural sex.’ A judge said that’s not a crime in marriage CNN May 6, 2024

Assuming the plaintiff is referring to anal sex, this is one area where Islamic law, i.e., the Sharia offers women some protection. The following is not for children who have not read the Koran.

A Back Passage Adventure

Israel-Gaza war: Three soldiers killed in Kerem Shalom rocket attack Israel has closed the Kerem Shalom crossing into Gaza. The crossing is one of the few routes to get humanitarian aid, including food and medical supplies, into Gaza. BBC May 5,2024

Hamas had to know that attacking a crossing delivering desperately needed goods to Gaza would lead to its closure and exacerbate an already dire situation. It is not that Hamas does not care for the people of Gaza. From their perspective they are doing them a favour. Believers killed by bombs, bullets or starvation as a consequence of their actions are martyrs. They will bypass the dreaded life in the grave and be promptly admitted into Paradise no questions asked. It is how the Taliban justified the murder of 132 Muslim children in 2014.

Israeli precision-guided munition likely killed group of [11] children playing foosball in Gaza, weapons experts say. CNN May 3, 2024

In its war against Hamas Israel has so far killed more than 13,933 children. The latest, eleven children playing table football on a street with no adults in site. The kids appear to have been deliberately targeted by a drone fired missile that exploded just a few meters away from where they were gathered around a foosball table.

Israel has to stop what could be mistaken for revenge attacks and start showing restraint and compassion. Nearly 14,000 Palestinian children killed for 36 Israeli children should be enough by any standard. Even Muhammad, in seeking revenge on God's Chosen in the first recorded mass murder of Jews by believers spared their children. Israel would be wise to do the same.

As Hamas considers cease-fire, question hangs: Will Israel end war without the group’s destruction? Associated Press, May 2, 2024

Hamas and its like cannot be defeated by bombing civilians as Israel is doing, women and children in particular. From the Second World War to the Vietnam War bombing civilian populations only strengthens the survivors’ resolve to get some payback. With every child and mother killed by Israeli bombs and missiles support for Hamas grows as they are perceived as the best opportunity to exact a measure of revenge for murdered loved ones.

Hamas sowed the wind, but it is Israel and Jews around the world who will, and are reaping the whirlwind. The call to kill Jews during the next Holocaust will be “Remember Gaza” or the more chilling and motivating "Remember the Children of Gaza" and you can blame the leaders of a country that was meant to be a refuge for persecuted Jews who turned it into a persecuting State.

Ben Carr: Creating space for Jews and Muslims... My father was a founding member of the Arab-Jewish Dialogue. A group that was established to find common ground, with an aim of using dialogue to work through challenges facing our respective communities Special to the National Post, May 1, 2024

Perhaps a new starting point would be in order. I posted here before that Allah was so impressed by the Jews that He gave them the Holy Land.

7:137 And We bequeathed to the people who were held to be weak the eastern and western parts of the land which we had blessed (the Holy Land); and the fairest Word of your Lord in regard to the Children of Israel was fulfilled, because of their endurance; and We destroyed the houses and towers which Pharaoh and his people were building.

That all changed when the Jews of Medina, after joining their Arab neighbours to save Muhammad from certain death by granting him asylum with his Meccan kin hot on his heels intent on killing him, spoiled the budding relationship by insisting that Muhammad could not be a prophet of God. God only spoke to mankind via His Chosen People.

Before the breakup, Muslims were required to prostrate themselves in the direction of Jerusalem during their daily prayers, but that would change as mistrust and animosity developed between the two Semite people.

Perhaps we could start the dialogue from there with the Jews acknowledging that they make a mistake, and that Arabs can also serve as intermediary between God and us nobodies. In effect, recognizing the Arabs as equals.

Why Justin Trudeau's Liberals are introducing 'halal mortgages', Toronto Sun, April 20, 2024

Our Prime Minister is again getting the State to intervene where it has no business. Despite his admiration for a religion that, in the main, does not recognize the separation of Church and State, Trudeau’s halal mortgage announcement may not be doing Muslims any favours by leaving the impression that there are ways around Sharia law. There aren’t, especially where the earning or charging of interest is concerned. Both Allah and His spokesman foresaw there would be attempts to circumvent the Koran's prohibition and warned against it.

Allah | Muhammad

If that is not enough, Trudeau's "halal mortgages" could be considered innovations in the religion, which is haram.

Narrated Aisha:

Allah's Apostle said, "If somebody innovates something which is not in harmony with the principles of our religion, that thing is rejected."

Bukhari 49.861

Iran says it has no plans to retaliate after drones, presumably launched by Israel, are shot down CBC April 19, 2024

Before this latest attack I wrote that Israel should not retaliate under the assumption that its motive was to spark a confrontation between Iran and the United States. With the theocracy declaring that it will not escalate, this latest attack was good strategy.

While I still believe that Israel is not averse to getting the United States into a shooting war with Iran, its latest bombing was probably to remind the Ayatollahs of their vulnerability.

The Ayatollahs are rolling in it because of their control of key sectors of the economy and their cut of the Zakat, the oxymoronic obligatory charity that is collected by their underlings, so-to-speak, the imams. The Koran claims that it is better in the hereafter, but I doubt if any of these billionaires in turbans are willing to test that theory while they have it so good in the here-and-now by getting into a shooting war with a country with a reputation for successfully targeting the people in charge.

Australian teen accused of stabbing wasn't radicalized, Muslim leader says Teen stabbed Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and the Rev. Isaac Royel during Monday night's Assyrian Orthodox service The Associated Press, April 18, 2024

There is a common ceremony practiced throughout the Muslim world called Khatmi-Qur’an. It is the ceremony to recognize and celebrate a child’s first full reading of the Koranic text. Most children mouth or complete the first full reading of the Qur’an between the age of four and seven. It is the mother's responsibility to get her children to the Khatmi-Qur’an. Mosques around the world have the equivalent of Sunday school classes to assist the mother in getting her children "to master the proper pronunciation and to read the text clearly from the first verse to the last."

Exposing a child to the cruelty and sadism of the Koran at such an early age, if that was the case here, is bound to have a long-term deleterious effect.

Taliban suspend two TV stations in Afghanistan for neglecting Islamic values Associated Press, April 17, 2024

Islamic values as a way of life

Mélanie Joly tells Israel to ’take the win’ and not bomb Iran for weekend attack The Canadian Press, April 15, 2024

It is a win for Israel as Iran as not taken full advantage of what both the Torah and the Koran allows.

23 But if there is serious injury, you are to take life for life, 24 eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25 burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise.

17:33 Do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden except for a just cause. Whoever is killed unjustly, We have given his heir the power [to demand satisfaction]; but let him not exceed the limit in slaying, for he will be the victor.

Israel wants to retaliate beyond what its own scriptures prescribe because its goal remains putting the United States in a position where it will have no choice but to attack Iran.

Israel says confrontation with Iran 'not over'. CNN April 14, 2024

Netanyahu will not stop provoking Iran until he traps the United States into going to war on Israel's behalf. It's not that I am not in favour of getting rid of a regime that would do to protestors what my friend Abbas witnessed.

War is the only way we can rid of a theocracy that believes it rules and kills by divine dispensation.  But, we should do it because it is the right thing to do, not because we have been conned into doing so.

Israel braces for unprecedented direct attack by Iran within days Bloomberg News, April 12, 2024

Israel has been the tail waging the dog since its founding. Until now it has been to get its fill of bombs, missiles, jets and such. Now it’s more serious, it wants the dog to physically join the fight; the reason for its attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria. If everything goes as plan, Iran will retaliate with Hezbollah missiles prompting the U.S. carrier task force off the coast of Lebanon to do to Hezbollah what Israel is doing to Hamas and the people of Gaza.

In defiance of the West, the Taliban will stone women in public again... In a March broadcast on Afghan state media, Supreme Leader Mullah Haibatlullah Akhundzada [said:] “You may call it a violation of women’s rights when we publicly stone or flog them for committing adultery because they conflict with your democratic principles … [But] I represent Allah, and you represent Satan.” Globe and Mail April 9, 2024

There is no verse in the official Koran about stoning anyone to death for adultery. Countries that would stone women and girls to death for illegal sex do so in accordance with the example of the Prophet and/or because they subscribe to the theory of the lost verse.

Canadian astronaut says total solar eclipse a rare chance to witness 'cosmic ballet' Canadian Press, April 8, 2024

For some the ballet will be just an illusion. In the Koran, the Moon and the Sun occupy the same orbit. Cleric Mohammed Yusuf, the deceased leader of Boko Haram, Nigeria's largest gathering of holy warriors whose designation literally means “non-Islamic education is a sin” in a 2009 BBC interview was asked about the Koran’s description of space being so much at odds about what we know. He said that space as we know it is all illusion created by Allah to test our faith in what he revealed in His Book, including that the Earth is flat.

Legendary singer Sting perform[ed] his Oscar-nominated song "The Empty Chair" on Anderson Cooper 360... to honor slain journalist James Foley, CNN April 1, 2024

The Darkness putting out the light | What it's like to be executed the Islamic way today

Veterans Affairs Canada trolled for 'politically correct' Easter tweet: 'Happy March holiday season' National Post, March 30, 2024

On Saturday, the Toronto Sun reported that "Prime Minister acknowledges most religious holidays – except Good Friday." The Prime Minister sets the tone. Trudeau may not have wanted to acknowledge Good Friday because of his respect for a constituency that is close to his heart or, just like that constituency, he actually believes it was all an illusion. Veterans Affairs’ erasing of Easter is no worse than what their boss did in ignoring Good Friday.

Canada Post releases new stamp celebrating Muslim festival [of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan] CP24 March 28, 2024

What the stamp will be commemorating is the end of an intensive indoctrination into a book that advocates the subjugation of unbelievers by whatever means, with killing them as a last resort, that Muhammad and his successors took advantage and sent many of them off to do just that.

Narrated Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri:

The Prophet used to proceed to the Musalla (open space outside a mosque that is mainly used for praying,) on the days of Id-ul-fitr and Id-ul-Adha; the first thing to begin with was the prayer and after that he would stand in front of the people and the people would keep sitting in their rows. Then he would preach to them, advise them and give them orders, (i.e. Khutba). And after that if he wished to send an army for an expedition, he would do so.

Bukhari 15.76

Supreme Court reaffirms religious liberty in Canada (but not Quebec) Court upholds the right of Muslim students to pray at Calgary private school National Post, March 28, 2024

Prayers are not accepted by Allah unless wudu has been performed beforehand. This does not seem to have been the case with two Muslim students who knowingly and deliberately enrolled in a private "“nondenominational” school then demanded it breach its Charter so as to accommodate their religious beliefs. It was all a sham.

When God chose a merchant to deliver his ultimate message on how He wanted to be worshipped and how we should behave He chose well. Muhammad practically invented modern marketing from his point-based reward system to getting your brand out there with women as billboards for a religion that hates and to what amounts to a non-stop commercial that is akin to religious theatre that are his instructions on how to perform the mandated prayers, Islam’s second of five mandatory pillars, i.e. immutable obligations.

Islamists would like to stage this play/commercial everywhere, not only in purpose-built buildings such as mosques but in private and public schools ostensibly devoted to protecting students from religious propaganda. The Supreme of Canada has now, except for the Province of Quebec, given them carte blanche to do so. This is a tremendous victory for Islam with far-reaching repercussions that can only accelerate its inevitable triumph.

61:9 It is He Who sent His Messenger forth with the guidance and the religion of truth, to make it triumph over every religion.

How Muhammad got God to agree to the daily prayers that have placed a Western secular education squarely between a pillar and a hard place. 

Moscow attack: Day of mourning after 133 killed at Crocus City Hall concert BBC March 24, 2024

Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.

Ayatollah Khomeini

Concerts make particularly attractive targets for Islamic terrorists, not only because they attract a crowd of people of all ages enjoying themselves, but a crowd of bona fide sinners. Listening to music or playing musical instruments is 16th of the 50 grave or greater sins; sins where the transgressor will burn in hell for eternity.

At least 133 dead after Moscow terror attack. ISIS has claimed responsibility for an attack at a popular concert venue complex near Moscow CNN March 23, 2024

What is unusual about this attack is that the terrorists did not continue killing until they themselves were killed for that is how you get into Paradise no questions asked.

3:169 And do not think those who have been killed in the Way of Allah as dead; they are rather living with their Lord, well provided for.

As explained in a discussion on Australian TV between Muslim clerics Dr. Jamal Rifi and Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi  following the Manchester massacre, this is the power of Islamic scriptures in recruiting fanatics to kill in the Way of Allah.

More families will be allowed to apply to come to Canada from Gaza, Immigration Minister says. Globe and Mail, March 18, 2024

Are we again witnessing Prime Minister Trudeau's Islamophilia at work considering the families he is bringing in will be very much still under the influence of the Koran and their imams and therefore expected to support, if not swell the already impressive protests against Israel's unconscionable actions in Gaza, which, according to CNN, have killed nearly 100 children a day in Gaza since the war started (CNN March 2, 2024).

The insanity of men raised on a pitiless text setting up children to be killed for the propaganda value, and an enemy willing to oblige.

Big moon god block big sun god! Much darkness. Teachers afraid! Cancelling classes due to an eclipse is just teachers’ unions insisting their members resist the notion that they should ever need to work on any day that is in any way special. Chris Selley National Post, March 17, 2024

Isn’t that the point of eclipses, to scare people?

Narrated Abu Bakra:

Allah's Apostle said: "The sun and the moon are two signs amongst the signs of Allah and they do not eclipse because of the death of someone but Allah frightens His devotees with them."

Bukhari 17.158

Muhammad and eclipses

For Muslim women who are isolated, Ramadan can be lonely. An Ottawa group is working to fix that with 'Sisterhood Iftar' Ottawa Citizen March 13, 2024

Not to be disrespectful, but not being able to participate in all that Ramadan has to offer may have some health benefits. The Fast of Ramadan is a misnomer. Ramadan is not so much a fast, which can be beneficial, but a changing of your eating schedule for 30 consecutive days from three balanced meals during the day to one meal after nightfall on which some will you gorge themselves while others pick at it perhaps hoping to avoid the impact on a confused digestive system. You  can eat and drink until morning.

2:187 Eat and drink until you can discern the white thread from the black thread of dawn.

Health concerns would not have been an issue in the hot sunny deserts of Arabia, where the tradition originated, when your daily main meal was after the sun set, for obvious reasons.

Modern-day Islam does make allowance for diabetics and people who must take medicine with food at a specific time of the day. For otherwise healthy people, whose eating schedule was not that of a Torrid Zone desert dweller, constipation is the most common side effect of observing the so-called Fast of Ramadan. The reason why, I was told by a Muslim acquaintance, many stock up on laxatives before the onset of Ramadan.

Muhammad broke his daily fast with a helping of one or more dates, a natural  laxative. In keeping with this tradition, many halal food banks, such as Ottawa's Sadaqa Food Bank, include at least one box of dates in their Ramadan food hamper.

At some latitudes the lateness of the one meal of the day during Ramadan will be even more conducive to an uncooperative colon.

Ramadan’s health impact is relatively the same for both sexes. Not so for another Torrid Zone tradition! I will let Uzza explain how a manufactured religious imperative, not related to Ramadan, can have direr and long lasting consequences for females. You may have seen its impact on many women forced out of their homes in Gaza by Israeli bombs.

Biden warns Netanyahu he risks losing international support due to casualties in Gaza. CNN March 10, 2024

Israel was created to be a safe haven for Jews. Today, because of its abject cruelty towards Palestinians and a near absolute disregard for their lives and property, no Jew is safe anywhere. It will only get worst unless we put an end to what started as a noble experiment. Europe, in particular, should welcome a massive influx of Israeli Jews so as to revitalize a way of life that almost died at Auschwitz while blunting the Islamization of the birthplace of the fragile exception.

Rahim Mohamed: National Muslim group demands MPs denounce Israel or face wrath. Feb. 29, 2024

Members of Parliament, if you are friends of Israel you will do what the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) asks.

I will admit to having been influenced by Star Trek and the morality lessons contained in many episodes. One of them stands out in relation to this conflict. The following dialogue where the character Worf is harshly reprimanded by his captain for putting children at risk will be familiar with fans of Star Trek Deep Space 9:

Sisko: You fired at something you hadn't identified. You made a military decision to protect your ship and crew, but you're a Starfleet officer,

Worf. We don't put civilians at risk or even potentially at risk to save ourselves. Sometimes that means we lose the battle and sometimes our lives. But if you can't make that choice, then you can't wear that uniform.

Worf: Yes, sir.

Sisko: At ease, Commander. Now, all that being true, the reality is no harm has been done. There are no dead children on your conscience. You got lucky.

To date, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have killed more children than died in conflicts since Israel's founding. The IDF has lost the moral high ground and, in much of the world today is viewed as no better, if not worse, than the people they are fighting, having killed 25 people, and counting, for every one killed by Hamas. Those who won’t even try to bring Israel to its senses by criticizing its methods are not behaving as friends should.

Brendan O’Neill: As Islamist fervour sweeps Britain, critics are shamefully silenced Feb. 27, 2024

The silence of critics may have something to do with Britain, after the 2005 London bombings, passing legislation sheltering Islam from criticism.

Taliban decrees on clothing and male guardians leave Afghan women scared to go out alone, says UN... Over half of the women interviewed for the report felt unsafe leaving the house without a male guardian, or mahram. CityNews Feb. 17, 2024

In the weirdness that is Islam where women are concerned, a lactating female can make any man mahram, i.e. ineligible for marriage therefore eligible to be her male guardian by suckling him.

Woman who fired inside a church allegedly praised Hamas, Hezbollah, Osama bin Laden 'Don’t worry my MUSLIMS brothers I am pass the threat phase. I’m in planning mode. Please don’t message me private trying to stop me,' Genesse Moreno wrote on her Telegram channel on Jan. 3 National Post, Feb. 16, 2024

Why women would join, let alone kill and die for a religion that denigrates them and condemns the vast majority to burn in hell is a mystery.

'It's not a one-time rape. It's happening now': Canadian pleads for the return of her cousin taken by Hamas National Post, Feb. 16, 2024

Sex and the Booty

Italy donates 3D-printed replica of statue destroyed by ISIS to Iraq... Constructed in the ninth century BC, the 5-meter-tall (16-foot) “Bull of Nimrud” was destroyed by ISIS fighters in 2015, CNN Feb. 13, 2024


Terry Glavin: Four months ago, Hamas's bloody pogrom shattered Israeli society... Canada’s own foreign affairs minister, Mélanie Joly, insisted in December that while Hamas can never again be allowed hold power in Gaza, a two-state solution has never been more viable as a consequence of the Hamas attacks, that it’s just a matter of the "right parties at the table to give the right credibility.” Feb. 7, 2024

Another example that terrorism works if you are willing to be brutal enough as the Koran recommends.

9:123 O you who believe, fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them see how harsh you can be. Know that Allah is with the righteous.

U.S. porn actor [Whitney Wright] who advocates for Palestinians visits Iran on trip unacknowledged by Tehran, The Associated Press, Feb. 5, 2024

I wonder if Ms. Wright would be interested in doing porn for good. She is, after all, concerned with saving lives and that is what Love, Sex and Islam is all about. At 32 she would be perfect for the part of Anne.

Avi Benlolo: Antisemitism in Canadian universities at least as bad as in UNRWA The surge in antisemitism is a direct result of imported Palestinian propaganda aimed at delegitimizing, defaming, and demonizing Israel Feb. 2, 2024

The surge in antisemitism may also have to do with prayers said in mosques, madrassas and increasingly in the secular school system and in universities and colleges that have acquiesced to the demands for prayer rooms.

Prayers in Islam are not about asking for favours or intervention—those are supplications and are a totally different thing—but worshipping Allah by uttering, usually as part of an assembly, verses from the book He authored. A prayer said alone and in silence is practically worthless. In a period of approximately a year, observant Sunnis will have prayed the entire Koran.

In saying their prayers believers are repeating some of the most hate filled scriptures, especially for Jews, ever imagined. Prayers are sacrosanct for every religion therefore off-limits in places of worship. But that should not be the case in our education system and which has created a fertile ground for the type of antisemitic propaganda mentioned by Mr. Benlolo.

Jesse Kline: The UNRWA teachers who slaughtered Jews and the Canadian profs who admire them." ...In December, Jewish educators told the National Post about a culture of antisemitism within Ontario’s Peel District School Board." Jan. 30, 2024

It is both a truism and a cliché that children are the future. Where that future will be shaped is in the classroom. The public non-denominational school system in Canada is both the strength and the Achilles’ heel of our democratic collective. The strength can be found in schools where children are still taught that the human journey is a journey in the pursuit of knowledge through scientific enquiry and critical thinking. Each generation being responsible for taking that additional step in the direction of the elusive, ultimate truth, which, if ever discovered would mean the end of the human journey as we know it.

The empirical pursuit of knowledge about our universe and our place in it, a gift from the Greeks of antiquity rediscovered during the Renaissance and the period known as the Enlightenment, is facing a serious challenge from those who believe that this journey ended long ago and that we should now simply worship and wait for the promised reward for our uncritical acceptance of revealed truths, immutable facts communicated to a mortal by a god.

Most, if not all religions would like nothing better than to transform classrooms into centers of religious indoctrination instead of education. Islam has been the most successful in breaching the last refuge of children from the bombardment of the word of God, the Peel and the Toronto School District being prime examples.

Muslim council cancels meeting with Trudeau over Gaza funding... “We’re interested in the government taking real tangible action to reduce Islamophobia in this country (and) taking real tangible action to stop the hostilities in the Middle East,” Stephen Brown (CEO of the National Council of Canadian Muslims) said. The Canadian Press Jan. 30, 2024

Uzza: Some people believe in the separation of Church and State as deeply as Islamists believe there should be no such distinction. Allowing Islam to blur this line by letting it market its ideology everywhere made people uneasy, and rightly so. If governments had held the line against a militant Islam that recognises no man-made boundaries to its expansion and jealously guarded the fragile exception that is Western civilization instead of caving in to bullies, there might have been fewer reasons for people to fear Islam.

Gerry: So you agree that Islamophobia is real.

Uzza: A fear of Islam is real, and it is not a phobia, as Islamists and their patsies would have you believe.

Gerry: By patsies, you mean politicians?

Uzza: And well-meaning people who don't know any better. A fear of Islam is a legitimate fear. Fear is what non-believers who get close and personal with the Koran and Allah’s unrestrained visceral hatred and cruelty for their kind will experience, for that is the intent. It is a fear nourished and amplified by the Author’s demands of believers when it comes to dealing with those for whom He has nothing but contempt: from avoiding them, to enslaving them, to killing them. Fear is what terrorism in the name of Allah is all about.

Instead of dealing with this fear in a forthright manner, Western governments preferred spreading the Islamic slander that a fear of Islam is an irrational fear, that of Islamophobia, or worse, racism, as if Islam was a race and not a religion.

From Remembering Uzza - If Islam Was Explained to Me in a Pub: The Enemy Within, Boreal Books.

Hamas command center found under cemetery Israel accused of desecrating Inside the tunnel, the IDF found an office from which a Hamas Khan Yunis Brigade battalion commander managed the attack on Oct. 7 National Post, Jan. 29, 2024

In Islam there should not be cemeteries as we know them. Muhammad, on his death bed, ranted against the tradition of erecting monuments over the grave of a dearly departed as creating a distraction from worshipping Allah. Most of his wives are buried in Medina’s Baqi cemetery which has since been bulldozed to erase all grave markers. What the Israelis did is not that much different than what the Saudis did to the most famous cemetery in Islam.

Taking a Bulldozer to History

Anti-Islamophobia envoy warns of chill on freedom of speech in relation to Gaza... “Better government co-ordination would allow more precise measures, Elghawaby argues, weeding out criminal acts of hate targeting any community while preserving their right to speak out.” Canadian Press, Jan 27, 2024

Since Ms. Elghawaby got that high-paying job she has adopted a more balanced speech, and for that we should all be grateful. Weeding out "acts of hate", including hate speech, against any community is a good thing. However, Ms. Elghawaby exhibited a double standard when it came to weeding out hate speech from within her community.

In 2015, the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence issued a report based largely on testimony from prominent Muslims about the threat posed by foreign trained imams. The Committee recommended that “the federal government work with the provinces and the Muslim communities to investigate the options that are available for the training and certification of imams in Canada.”

Ms. Elghawaby, then communications director of the CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations)-like National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) would have none of it. In an apoplectic response she misrepresented, not only the testimony of moderate coreligionist but the intent of the recommendation as an attack on the freedom of speech of Muslims.

Saudi Arabia to change alcohol rules... Saudi Arabia is preparing to open its first alcohol store in the capital Riyadh which will serve exclusively non-Muslim diplomats. CNN Jan. 25, 2024

If, as a Muslim, you may not even enjoy a simple glass of wine with dinner, blame Umar. Until Umar convinced Him otherwise, Allah only asked that believers not attend prayers while drunk,

The rules regulating alcohol quotas for non-Muslim diplomatic missions are being introduced to “counter the illicit trade of alcohol goods.”

That is how Sohrab made a living during his stay in Kuwait.

'October 7' restaurant allegedly named after Hamas's massacre opens in Jordan Ottawa Citizen Jan. 25, 2024

A café will have to do until conditions permit the building of a mosque, the usual way militant Islam commemorates a significant massacre or victory (often one and the same). More than ten years had to pass before permits were issued for the building of what is referred to as the Ground Zero mosque, two blocks from where the two towers once stood.

Islamic group calling for Shariah law cancels Canadian event after U.K. declares it a terrorist entity National Post, Jan. 24,2024

A brief introduction to Sharia Law

The Muslim who saved us from our ignorant selves

Katherine Brodsky: Growing up in Israel surrounded by suicide bombings left a scar Jan. 20, 2024

The scars are left by men who kill and die on a god’s claim that the dead have better sex than the living. We could seriously diminish the scourge of suicide bombers by telling the young men who are the majority who seek sex through murder and self-immolation the truth about sex in Paradise.

Halal food industry growing to meet demand as Muslim population continues rising Globe And Mail, Jan. 14, 2024

In 2016, an Islamophile made it the responsibility of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to confirm that animals whose meat is destined for a believer's table have been tortured to death

Ottawa plans 'multi-stage' vetting process for visa applicants from Gaza amid security fears National Post, Jan 12, 2024

Asking the same questions twice is not the answer. Asking the right questions once, as Uzza suggests in her namesake book, will properly vet any immigrant from any Sharia jurisdiction.

Toronto police chief apologizes after officer delivers coffee to anti-Israel protesters National Post, Jan. 8, 2024

In the opening act of Remembering Uzza - If Islam Was Explained to Me in a Pub the host of a popular current affairs program visits his favourite bar after being charged by the police with causing a viewer to experience a severe case of Dogmatic Distress Syndrome, or DDS for short, which caused said viewer to stalk said host and shoot him, wounding him. Read to the end of A Bad Case of Dogmatic Distress for the answer to why the police would charge the victim and not his assailant. It may actually be relevant, or soon may be, to why the police would serve coffee to pro-Hamas protestors.

Charlie Hebdo, neuf ans après l’attentat (nine years after the attack) Le Point, Jan. 7, 2024

Remembering the murdered.

ISIS claims responsibility for deadliest attack in Iran since 1979 revolution CNN Jan. 4, 2024

Remember the Islamic State.

Iran says at least 103 people killed, 211 wounded in two explosions... The explosions occurred near his grave site as long lines of people gathered for the event. The Associated Press, Jan. 3, 2024

You would expect a commemoration to be where a person passed on for, according to Muhammad, a reconstituted body and soul survives in a space beneath the ground where they died.

"These are the times that try men's soul," Thomas Paine.

Any study beside that of the Quran is a distraction, except the Hadiths and jurisprudence in the religion. Knowledge is what He [Muhammad] narrated to us, and anything other than that is the whispering of the Satan. Al-Qaeda

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge. Stephen Hawking 1942-2018

My everyman's writings on the Koran, Muhammad and Islam are part of what, with Lucette's passing, became a solitary campaign against the willful ignorance that will be our undoing.

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