Falling for Uzza

'Monsieurlebun' and his gossipy Instagram glimpse into Ottawa's history Ottawa Citizen, Dec 18, 2021

It's not very old history, but in the seventies, Ottawa was home to the second largest urban commune in Canada.

Chelsea teacher reassigned due to her hijab overwhelmed by public support Ottawa Citizen, Dec 9, 2021

It's about teaching your children well | What is happening in English Canada

Deborah Flint had lofty plans when she took over Pearson airport. Then the harsh reality of COVID-19 hit Globe and Mail, Oct 28, 2021

Before, there was Michelle Monette.


Dedication to a Working Girl

Any study beside that of the Quran is a distraction, except the Hadiths and jurisprudence in the religion. Knowledge is what He [Muhammad] narrated to us, and anything other than that is the whispering of the Satan.


The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

Stephen Hawking 1942-2018

The Man Who Made the Murder of Priests a Priority

Somali troops committed atrocities in Tigray as new alliance emerged, survivors say Gebretsadik, a 52-year-old farmer from the village of Zebangedena in northwestern Tigray, said the dusty roads of his village were strewn with the bodies of decapitated clergymen in December, 2020, a few weeks after the beginning of the war. Some of the priests and monks were people he recognized. Somali soldiers, working alongside Eritrean forces who had captured the village, had targeted churches and killed the clergymen, he said. “They slaughtered them like chickens,” he told The Globe.

Globe and Mail, Jan 20, 2022

Ibn Taymiyyah would have approved.

A Tale of Two Muslim Countries and a Would-Be State

Nora AlMatrooshi is the first female Arab astronaut. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be sending a Muslim woman into space to join other women and men on the International Space Station. Afghanistan won't let them out of the house, while The Islamic State burns them alive. Burn, mothers, burn!

At least 31 people have been killed in central Mali after militants attacked a bus carrying civilians to a market. Gunmen opened fire and killed the driver, before setting the bus on fire. Most of the victims were women who were on their way to work at the market. Graphic images on social media showed the smouldering frame of the bus filled with bodies

BBC Dec 4, 2021


Shared Prophets

Biblical Figures in the Koran - What They Said and Did

Paperback, 240 pages

Shared Prophet is also the story of how Allah co-opted prophets from the Bible, including Jesus, in His war on unbelievers. It is a must read, along with Jihad in the Koran, for Jews and Christians. January 18, 2022

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The world desperately needs to have an honest conversation about Islam, as I have tried to have with my books, comments and essays. Should my books, such as Remembering Uzza and Love, Sex and Islam, find an audience, violence will inevitably find me and my government, and apologists for those who follow Muhammad's example when it comes to dealing with critics, will say that I had it coming. Don't let that stop you from talking about it.


We could seriously suppress the scourge of the male suicide bomber, for instance, if we told them the truth about what should be a deal-breaker: sex in Paradise is a semenless experience. As to young women contemplating martyrdom in Allah's Cause, it's also not worth it. And, if you are a teenaged girl enamored with the idea of sharing a bed with the ultimate bad boy, read this first.


Gerry: So you agree that Islamophobia is real.

Uzza: A fear of Islam is real, and it is not a phobia, as Islamists and their patsies would have you believe.

Gerry: By patsies, you mean politicians?

Uzza: And well-meaning people who don't know any better. A fear of Islam is a legitimate fear. Fear is what non-believers who get close and personal with the Koran and Allah’s unrestrained visceral hatred and cruelty for their kind will experience, for that is the intent.

It is a fear nourished and amplified by the Author’s demands of believers when it comes to dealing with those for whom He has nothing but contempt: from avoiding them, to enslaving them, to killing them. Fear is what terrorism in the name of Allah is all about.

Instead of dealing with this fear in a forthright manner, Western governments preferred spreading the Islamic slander that a fear of Islam is an irrational fear, that of Islamophobia, or worse, racism, as if Islam was a race and not a religion.

From The Enemy Within, Remembering Uzza - If Islam Was Explained to Me in a Pub:

Islamophobia can also be described as a rational fear of the irrational. The most visible manifestation of this fear inducing irrationality is the believer who seeks martyrdom in suicidal attacks because of what is written in a book in Paradise whose contents were revealed by a man who claimed to be an intimate of the Author.

An Islamophobe would never have abandoned the women and girls of Islam to a predictable, deplorable fate.

Lies about a Fear of Islam | Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!


House passes Ilhan Omar's legislation to combat Islamophobia CNN Dec. 14, 2021

Legislation to combat a manufactured phobia (see above) is a thinly disguised assault on freedom of speech meant to shield Islam from criticism. Long before accusations of Islamophobia became fashionable, the Arab League has been trying to do at the United Nations what Democratic Rep. Omar, riding a wave of Islamophilia among Democrats, hopes to accomplish in Congress. If she is successful it will be a disaster for freedom of speech and expression everywhere.

Islamophilia is most often a love borne out of ignorance. Just like everything else in life, we should be careful about who or what we fall in love with.


As human beings we have a right, and as citizens of a democracy an obligation, to express an opinion on issues affecting our lives and the lives of our countrymen and women. That right, that obligation must include questioning religious dogma. Of all human endeavors religion has the greatest potential to change our lives for better or for worse. By giving all citizens the freedom to question the authenticity, the relevancy, the meaning and application of scriptures we guard against the worst.


Afghanistan: Executions will return, says senior Taliban official "In our Sharia it's clear, for those who have sex and are unmarried, whether it's a girl or a boy, the punishment is 100 lashes in public," Taliban judge, Haji Badruddin said. "But for anyone who's married, they have to be stoned to death." BBC Sept 24, 2021

Why it is women and girls who are so cruelly put to death.


A scriptural assessment

Women and the Koran


"It is only by teaching children to question the validity of scriptures that we protect them from being influenced by fundamentalist doctrines. It is precisely the lack of critical thinking (when it comes to scriptures) which leads to radicalism." André Gagné

Recommended: Children and the Koran | Teach Your Children Well


"Tolerance and respect are empty virtues until we actually know something about whomever it is we are supposed to be tolerating or respecting." Stephen Prothero, author of the NY Times bestseller Religious Literacy

The Way: Jesus or Muhammad?

Be wary of specious comparisons


3:85 Whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted from him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.


Kamel Daoud | Houda-Pepin


Lucette, Julio Iglesias and Fitna...

It is only a matter of time before we all have to face the music.

In Cologne, the "Erdogan's Mosque" wants to be heard. The debate rages in Cologne, where the great mosque, inaugurated in 2018 by the Turkish president, will be able to make the call to prayer via loudspeakers (my translation). Le Point, Nov 8, 2021


On the Ritual Slaughter of Animals


Islam almost led to a mass extermination of dogs, all because Muhammad blamed a puppy for the angel Gabriel skipping a scheduled meeting. Could it happen again? If scriptures pertaining to dogs still hold sway, man's best friend, in an Islamic future, will be a lot less so.

A child on Canada Day, in his simple gesture of petting a dog, and a black one at that, showed that hatred, whether it be for an animal or a person, to paraphrase Sohrab, is a learnt behaviour. What if what is learned can be unlearned. Better still, why not avoid teaching children to hate altogether.


MAD Checkmated | Mad for Mecca


The British and French example


Democracy as Violence Against Islam


First theirs...


"The nineteenth and twentieth century may have belong to Christianity. The twenty-first belongs to Islam." Stephen Prothero, author of the NY Times bestseller Religious Literacy.

The Morning After

Never-Ending Bloodshed

Wars Never-Ending | What Do Hypocrites Have to Do with It?


"Islam was never a religion of peace. Islam is the religion of fighting." Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in an audio message made public May 14, 2015

Know Your Enemy

Jihad in the Koran


Uzza remembers what Nehru said.


In my writings on the Koran, Muhammad and Islam I have tried to explain the seemingly complicated in terms we can all understand in what has become, with Lucette's passing, a solitary campaign against the willful ignorance that will be our undoing.

Why the Pessimism? | Stopping the Draining of the Light

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