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Love, Sex and Islam

If I am able convince believers contemplating martyrdom not to be in such a hurry to get at those houris only to be disappointed, then the almost twenty years I have dedicated to the study of the world's fastest growing religion will not have been in vain.

The dozen or so adult situation stories in PART I – Sex in the Here-And-Now, some of which may bring more than a smile to your face, are not gratuitous. Actual names (first names only) are used.

PART II – Sex in the Hereafter, compares the experiences revealed in PART I with what a martyr can expect in Paradise. A must-read for anyone contemplating martyrdom because of what they have been told about sex in the Hereafter, that the dead have better sex than the living.

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Prologue - Falling for Uzza - Worship, war and sex. Muhammad Forever!


Sex in the Here-and-Now

Lucette - Love

Anne Part I - Oral and anal sex, coitus interruptus.

Huguette - Toys and masturbation.

Joyce - Shaving your pubic hair and female ejaculate.

Anne Part 2 - Seduction, rape and sex with your adopted son's former spouse.

Mary - Prostitution.

Jasmine - Sex with children.

Josée and Roberta - Flirting. Gang rape.

The Nurse - Sex as punishment.

Diane - Perfume and makeup.

Cancer Girl - Hair extensions and wigs. Sex as a celebration of life.

Chantal - Illegal intercourse.


Sex in the Hereafter


The Nuts and Bolts

Seven Stacked Sexopoles





Let’s Get Physical

Sex by the Numbers

A Semenless Experience


Something Better Than All That


The Replacements

Love, Sex and Islam cries out to be made into a movie, or docudrama. A Fifty Shades of Grey for the sexually naive who have been brainwashed into believing that sex is better after you're dead.

Inquiries from producers looking to make a difference welcomed. 

Bernard Payeur