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Islam Canada 2018 - 2017

Islam Canada 2016

Islam Canada 2015 - 2007


Little Mosque Reviews 2007-2008


Ritual Slaughter - How much suffering?

What Every Prospective Jihadi Bride Should Know


9/11 - When Killing 2,996 People IS Like Killing All of Mankind



A Cold Shower of Oriental Fetishism

Advantages of a Petrified Legal Tradition - Sharia's Superiority Summarized

Afghanistan - The Fall

A Faustian Bargain

Afghanistan - The Fall

A Friendly Disagreement between Husband and Wife

A Gratuitous Discrediting of Christian Doctrine

All About the Veil

An Absurd and Dangerous Resolution

An Escalating Battle for Hearts and Minds

An Eternal Teenager and a Father Figure

Anthony Bourdain Meets a Female Doctor at a Libyan Barbecue

A Proliferation of Muhammads

A Rage from Hell Speaking in God’s Name

A Testament to Arab Hospitality - The Milky Way

A thief with a gun was threatening - A Cartoon Story from Iran

A World Without Music and Literature As We Know It


Between a Pillar and a Hard Place - A Metaphor for Our Times

Better Red Than Dead Redux

Beyoncé as a Harbinger of Judgement Day

Birds of a Feather

Blasphemy Laws - A Cautionary Tale of Two Victims

Blasphemy: the Brave and the Cowardly - YouTube and Katy Perry's Dark Horse

Books from Boreal Books

Boreal and Religion

Boys in the Front, Girls to the Back

Burkini Buzz

But, What Are They Telling Them At The Mosque?


Canada - The Fractured Nation Interviews - Islam

Canada Day 2008 - Blue Rodeo, Girls in Canada Colours Chadors, a Boy and a Dog

Canadian Media and Islam - The Ottawa Citizen

Charlie Hebdo - Of Cartoons and Flags

China and the Uighurs - Limiting Brainwashing to the Sanctity of the Home

CNN - Misinformation From a Trusted Source On a Somber Anniversary

Conception and Contraception


Dabiq and Global Warming As An End-Time Scenario

Dead Girl Walking - Charlie Hebdo’s Response

Dear James

Death of a Prophet, Birth of a Cult

Death's Pied Piper

Dedication - Remembering Uzza

Democracy as Violence Against Islam

Democracy, Liberty and Western Art as Blasphemies

Does Islam Encourage the Rape of Children?

Don’t Blame Yourself!

Dying For A Husband - Female Martyrs



Falling for Uzza

Farkhunda, the Hypatia of a New Dark Age

Females are Stupid And Evil - Who Said It First?

Feminists - Amor Interview

Feminists - The Indecent Silence

Fitna and the Seductive Sounds of Hatred and Cruelty

Five Weddings and Two Massacres

Forcing the Secular to Promote its Nemesis

Fort McMurray's New Mosque - Designed With Children In Mind

Found Koran - A Teaching Opportunity Ignored


Garissa University Massacre

Going Swimming Fully Clothed - A Brief Introduction to Islamic Law

Gwen Stephani, Pink & The Hérouxville Fourteen


Hadd Offences - Empowering Executioners

Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount - The First Runway

Holy Warriors in the Making - The Good Life After Death

Homosexuality - Crime and Punishment

Honestly! The Trouble with Manji

Honour Killings - Whose Honour?

Houris, Blushing Maidens and Boys as Hidden Pearls


If You Can't Shut Them Up the Old-Fashioned Way, Sue Them

If the Prophet Watched Jeopardy

Innovations in Terror - Haram or Halal?

Instilling a Respect for Revealed Truths - If All Else Fails, Kill Them!

Is Ripping Up A Koran Ever Justified?

Islamic State

Islam and the Fragile Exception

Islamic History Month - History Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Islamophobia - A Rational Fear of the Irrational


Jihad - A Winning Strategy

Justice for Rape Victims - Kabul v. Rotherham


Kamel Daoud - Who are you calling an Islamophobe?

Khalwat - The Sin of Close Proximity and Gang Rapes


Logic and the Sharia

Looking Forward to Armageddon - More Than You Would Expect


Making It All Worthwhile

MAD Checkmated

Majid Fakhry vs. Yusuf Ali

Mary the Erstwhile Messenger

Mary in the Koran

Mecca in the Crosshairs - Deterring a Nuclear Attack on the United States by Islamists

Microterrorism - Terror With a Cutting Edge

Moderates and Extremists - It's not about doing what YOU think is right!

Moderates & Fundamentalists - Is There a Difference and the Implication for Democracy?

Mothers' Day

Motion 103 Submission

Muslim Immigration - Assessing the Risk


Neda - Rest In Peace

Nehru on Scriptures

No Pity for Children - Justifying Two Massacres


Obama and Clinton and the Work of Terrorists - Ideology Matters

Overcoming a Reluctance to Kill


Perfume, Makeup and the Prophet - Sohrab, My Wife and Me

Prisoners of Convenience and The Muslim 100


Quebec & The Clash


Ramadan and When Holy Became Synonymous With Evil

Rape, Self-Defense and the Sharia - The Nazanin Fatehi Story

Rewarding Aggressive Behavior - Chamberlain's Legacy


Safely Accommodating More Pilgrims at the Hajj

Sanaz - Reading Lolita in Tehran

Saving Lives One Gamer at a Time - A Radical Deradicalization Program

Schools as the Heart of Darkness - An Emblematic Dress Code

Shambat - A Woman Apart

Seduced by Scriptural Sadism - Dr. Abuanza and the Banality of Evil

Self-Radicalization - Middleman Not Required

Son of a Drop Dead Handsome Man

Stopping the Draining of the Light

Sufis' Dangerous Love of Life

Swimming Fully Clothed - An Argument For and Against


Taking a Bulldozer to History

Talion Law - Setting the Price of a Human Life

Terrorism Works

Teach Your Prisoners Well

The Chapel at Beechwood Cemetery - The Rock is In, the Cross is Out

The Counterfeit Citizen

The Crusades - For the Record

The Earth Is Flat! Who said it first: Allah or Cosmas?

The Home Front - Wishful Thinking

The Major

The Man Who Made the Murder of Priests a Priority

The New Politics - The Election of Sadiq Aman Khan

The Prophet's Last Sermon

The Road to Hell

The Serenity of Holy Warriors Going About their Business

The Truth About Martyrdom

Trudeau and Islam

Trump: An American Muhammad


Unwitting Invitations - Making Bad Look Good


Victims of a Community's Arrested Development and Another's Suicidal Stupidity

Victory - The Morning After

Volleyball Attire at the Olympics and the Koran

VVF - A Consequence of Children Having Children


Wahhabism - The Saudi Solution

Waraqa - The Most Influential Christian of All Time

War of the Apostates and the First Written Koran

Wars Never-Ending

War with Iran and the End of Israel

Was the Prophet an Illiterate? - What Allah and an Eyewitness Have to Say

What translation of the Koran are you reading?

Wearing the Hijab in Solidarity Perpetuates Oppression - NY Times

Wealth of Nations - The Market vs. the Booty Economy

When Dancing Is a Hadd Offence

Why the Pessimism?

Women Who Bite Children to Death and Men Who Shower them With Shrapnel



You Have No Protector


Zeitouna - A Black History for Idiots


Days of Pain and Madness

The Mob

When We First Met

Good Cops / Bad Cops

The Rape of P...


Sohrab on the Execution of Shahla Jahed

Sunday Afternoon With Sohrab

A Muslim Mourns the Death of a Christian

Sohrab, My Wife and the Prophet


A PET Adventure

Assisted Death - Religion's Insufferable Position

Canada - A Brief History

Canada Day 2013 - Only in Canada!

Doing Google Before Google Did Google

Global Warming - Are We Toast?

Michelle Monette

On a Wing and a Prayer


Say It Ain't So

The Arrest of Stacy Bonds

Why Québec Will Survive - The Culture Paradox


Bernard - A Short Autobiography

Lucette and that Damn Firing

A Belated Acknowledgement

Lucette's Passing - Eulogy