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Aug 31 - A Killing Tradition That Goes Way Back

Islamic State buried thousands in 72 mass graves in Iraq and Syria

Associated Press, Aug 30

Mass executions have been very much a tactic of Islam since the beginning, both in its wars of conquest and intestinal conflicts.

The slaughter which took place towards the end of the War of the Apostates was the first documented massacre of more than a thousand men at the hands of the believers. The war was waged by the Prophet's successor, Abu Bakr, and would lead to the decision to compile the first written version of the Koran.

Aug 5, 12, 16, 24, 30 - All Dressed Up for the Beach

Burkini Buzz

Aug 23 - Blasphemies in Jeopardy

Islamic radical pleads guilty in historic war-crimes case of cultural destruction

... Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi, a former Islamist leader in northern Mali and the first jihadi to be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court, stood in a courtroom in The Hague on Monday and apologized for falling under the influence of “deviant” and “evil” people in extremist groups such as al-Qaeda.

Globe and Mail Aug 22, 2016

Why the apparent senseless destruction?

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Aug 22 - The Singer and the Mosque

Malaysian singer Namewee held for 'insulting Islam'

The offending video, for his song Oh My God, was first released in July and features him rapping in front of places of worship around Malaysia.

[In the video] the singer makes several religious references, using terms such as "Allah" and "Hallelujah".

Namewee and three others also appear to sing and dance in front of Buddhist and Taoist temples, inside a church and outside a mosque.

Namewee insists that Oh My God was intended to promote religious harmony. But on Monday, Malaysian police remanded the 33-year-old singer in custody for four days to investigate him for "defiling a place of worship with intention to insult religion".

The charge carries a jail term of up to two years.

BBC News, Aug 22, 2016

Unlike women and girls, men are allowed to dance and sing in public, therefore the offence is dancing in front of a mosque. Like Katy Perry did, when accused of insulting the Prophet in a video, the offending scene has been removed.

It's another made-up petty offence for which Islam is famous; the clerics and scholars taking their cue from a god and a prophet obsessed with controlling every aspect of a believer’s existence.

Of course, what I consider petty preoccupations, a believer might expect no less from a deity, even if such worldly concerns and attention to the minutia of daily life leave very little room for spiritual or intellectual growth.

Aug 21 - Dancing Too Close To ISIS

The death toll in the attack in the southern city of Gaziantep has now risen to 50, the local governor's office said, with almost 100 wounded.

A suspected suicide bomber targeted guests at a Kurdish wedding as they danced in the street.

Gaziantep, near the Syrian border, is known to have several IS cells.

... More

Aug 19 - Reaching a Radical

Following the fatal police shooting of would-be suicide bomber Aaron Driver, Canada’s Public Safety Minister says the Liberals will “up our game” in the fight against terrorism by imminently hiring a deradicalization adviser.

Globe and Mail, Aug 18, 2016

The best a deradicalization expert can to do to stop young men and wome bent on death and destruction is to convince them to wait; to convince them that killing a whole bunch of people here or going to Syria or some other god-forsaken place to kill people there on Allah's behalf will, at this time, do more harm than good and hope that they will outgrow their bloodlust.

To demand more from someone who knows their Koran and/or is familiar with the sayings of the Prophet is to ask them to abandon their faith.

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Aug 18 - It Was Never About the Religion!

An analysis of thousands of leaked Islamic State documents reveals most of its recruits from its earliest days came only with the most basic knowledge of Islam.

The Associated Press, Aug 16

It was never about the religion, not then and not now. It is the booty and a licence to kill which makes Islam so attractive to so many young men who answer the call to do God's dirty work.

Can't get a date, join Islamic State and fight and kill for Allah and help yourself to what the Koran says is rightfully yours: the property of the unbelievers you kill including their wives and daughters which you can force to marry you or keep as sex-slaves to rape at your leisure.

For the pathetically gullible who are into instant gratification and don't care to put in the effort, the suicide bomber route is just the ticket to a supersized materialistic hedonistic life-style. One second you are here, and the next second you are there with houris and blushing maidens at your beck and call. How cool is that?

Another timely reminder about what some young people are dying for.

Aug 17 - The Man Who Made the Murder of Priests and Monks a Priority

Ibn Taymiyyah, a Muslim 100

Aug 15 - Stemming Muslim Youth radicalization

Sheema Khan Makes It All Worthwhile

Aug 14 - The New Politics

The Election of Sadiq Aman Khan

Aug 13 - The Avoidable Trials of Charlie Hebdo

France investigates threats against Charlie Hebdo newspaper

The Associated Press Aug. 12, 2016

If the Western democracies had told the homicidal protesters to stuff it and published the cartoons in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo and in defense of freedom of expression, we would not still be reading about threats against the magazine and no cartoonists need have died at the hands of extremists.

The worse is yet to come if history is any guide,

Aug 10 - Volleyball Attire at the Olympics

Which of the two players – the hijab wearing Egyptian player on the left or the German player on the right – is dressed according to Koranic standards?


Aug 9 - What Phelps and the Prophet Have in CommonBy Ryan Pierse

A number of Olympians - including the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time, Michael Phelps - have been photographed with large red circles on their skin.

What are they, and why is everyone suddenly going dotty over them?

Swimmers and gymnasts, particularly from Team USA, are among those seen sporting the mysterious dots ...

They are the result of a practice known as "cupping"; an ancient therapy where heated cups are placed on the skin.

BBC News, Aug 8, 2016

Cupping was a favourite therapy of God’s Messenger for whatever ailed him, and it’s a therapy that comes highly recommended in the hadiths.

Narrated Jabir bin Abdullah:

That he paid Al-Muqanna a visit during his illness and said, "I will not leave till he gets cupped, for I heard Allah's Apostle saying, 'There is healing in cupping.'"

Bukhari 71.600

The Prophet practiced what he preached.

Narrated Ibn Abbas:

The Prophet was cupped on his head for an ailment he was suffering from while he was in a state of Ihram ("a sacred state which a Muslim must enter in order to perform the major pilgrimage i.e. Hajj or the minor pilgrimage i.e. Umrah") at a water place called Lahl Jamal.

Bukhari 71.602

Aug 8 - For Some People, Blowing Up Hospitals is a Good Thing

Suicide bombing at Pakistani hospital kills more than 60

Quetta - The Associated Press. Aug 8, 2016

Aug 7 - Could the United States be the Satan described by the Prophet?

Iran: Nuclear scientist [Shahram Amiri] executed for spying for 'Great Satan' U.S.

CNN Aug 7, 2016

God's Messenger on Satan, Devils and the Jinn

Aug 6 - Old v. Young

“ISIS will come for our women”. That’s how one resident expressed his fears about the proposed settling of refugees in the US state of Montana.

BBC Aug 4, 2016

It is young Muslim men who should worry about their women. Young women and teenaged girls are highly prized in Islam, especially by old and middle-age men.

It is mostly young men who kill themselves in Allah's Cause while men with long grey or greying disheveled beards stay home with the females.

Why are they not the ones helping with the fight by blowing themselves up? After all, it does not require much physical stamina to walk into a crowd with a bomb under your djellaba or to drive a car full of explosives at an unsuspecting target.

Allah promised all men, not just young men, but all men who die in His Cause an out-of-this-world harem of blushing maidens and houris.

What should make middle-age and old men even keener on killing themselves in Allah's Cause is the Prophet's disclosure that Allah will make the old young again when they enter Paradise.

It was narrated from Mu’aadh ibn Jabal that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “The people of Paradise will enter Paradise hairless, beardless with their eyes anointed with kohl*, aged thirty or thirty-three years.”

al-Tirmidhi 2545

Could it be that the old don't believe what they are selling to gullible young people and simply want to eliminate the competition for Maude Barnstone's hard-bodied'.

As Judgement Day approaches, old men will do more than send young people to their death.

Narrated Ali:

I heard the Prophet saying, "In the last days (of the world) there will appear young people with foolish thoughts and ideas. They will give good talks, but they will go out of Islam as an arrow goes out of its game, their faith will not exceed their throats. So, wherever you find them, kill them, for there will be a reward for their killers on the Day of Resurrection."

Bukhari 61.577

War and Fantasies

Aug 4 - Females as Frontmen for the Bad Boys of Islam

Frontman: a person who represents an organization and works to make its image more appealing to the public.

Indonesia’s top court hears case on criminalizing gay sex

Indonesia’s constitutional court is considering whether to make gay sex a crime after accepting a judicial review petition from Islamic activists.

Jakarta — The Associated Press, Aug 4

The petition was submitted by a group call Family Love Alliance, an umbrella group of Islamic activists headed by a Ms. Rita Hendrawaty whose views closely parallel Baroness Warsi.

Warsi, a former chairman of the Conservative Party and senior minister in David Cameron’s government would like to see less separation of church and state in Britain and campaigns against what she calls “militant secularization.”

In Canada you had the Hérouxville Fourteen, and more recently the hijab promoters at city hall.

Margaret Wente may have an explanation for why it is women who have become the face and voice of radical Islam.

Aug 3 -The Death of an Extraordinary Exception

First Arab Nobel science winner Ahmed Zewail dies. The Egyptian-born Nobel-winning scientist Ahmed Zewail has died in the US, aged 70.

Mr Zewail won the Nobel chemistry prize in 1999 for his pioneering work in femtochemistry, the study of chemical reactions in ultra-short time scales.

A professor at the California Institute of Technology, he was a science advisor to President Obama and the first Arab scientist to win the Nobel Prize.

BBC Aug 3, 2016

In Allah’s Universe, you may not even speculate about what He tells you is the absolute truth, which you must believe "with certainty", no matter the incongruity.

Mr. Zewail's accomplishment is that much more extraordinary considering the disincentive that is Allah’s blanket embargo against seeking knowledge that might contradict what He has revealed in His Koran.

This impediment to the pursuit of empirical knowledge, which Al-Qaeda condemns as the whispering of Satan, may be largely responsible for the Muslims world, which constitutes 21 percent of the world’s population (2011), having produced only 10 Nobel Prize laureates, with only two in the physical sciences, Pakistani Abdus Salam 1979 laureate in physics and Ahmed Zewail 1999 chemistry.

Not to be overlooked is the requirements of an Islamic education where priority is given to learning Arabic and attempting to memorize the Koran in its entirety; the negative impact on critical thinking just as damaging, if not more, than the time not available to non-religious subjects.

Aug 2 - Papal Political Correctness Pilloried

Speaking onboard the papal plane as he returned to Rome from Poland, the Pope told reporters why he doesn't uses the word "Islam'' when discussing terrorism.

"It's not right to identify Islam with violence. It's not right and it's not true,'' he said. "I believe that in every religion there is always a little fundamentalist group.''

And referring to organised crime in Italy, he added: "These are baptised Catholics. If I speak of Islamic violence, then I have to speak of Catholic violence.''

... It inspired @HaussmannParis to create the hashtag #PasMonPape which translates as "not my Pope". A hashtag which within hours became the number one trend in France, which has suffered several Jihadist terror attacks in recent weeks.

As the hashtag gained traction it became clear that @HaussmannParis was not alone in thinking that the pontiff had betrayed the Catholic faith.

BBC News, Aug 2

Equating Islamic terrorism with ordinary non-sectarian murders committed by the mafia is a bit of an apple and oranges comparison unless it is about two criminal organisations.

If that was not the Pope's intention, he might as well have brought up The Inquisition for which the Figaro has a ready answer.

July 30 - Birds of a Feather

The world’s at war, but not a war of religions, Pope Francis says

Krakow, Poland - The Associated Press, Jul 29

Of course he would say that!

Reads well, but shops would be very reluctant to stock something on this subject that isn't by a scholar or authority of some kind or other. If you could get some endorsements.

In looking to satisfy a publisher’s requirement that I obtain the endorsement of a religious scholar or authority of some type before they would consider publishing Pain, Pleasure and Prejudice, my wife's cousin, who was then Rector of Saint Paul University in Ottawa arranged for me to meet with an eminent European theologian and guest lecturer at the university who had written extensively on Islam and the Koran.

He asked if my book presented the Koran or the Prophet in a positive light. I said "no, not always". He refused to even read it and handed me back my manuscript.

His concern was that the Bible also contained questionable passages, and for him to endorse a book that contained even mild criticisms of the Koranic text was to invite retaliation in kind which would only benefit the enemies of religion.

The Pope, the archbishops*, the ayatollahs, the mullahs, the rabbis ... all birds of a feather.


* This us against them cronyism was evident in Archbishop Rowan Douglas Williams' chastisement of the British government for urging Muslims to discard the niqab (a face covering veil with a narrow slit for the eyes), warning "it would advance the cause of secularism in British society.”

July 29 - Cartoon Characters: Then and Now

A significant number of women will not vote for another woman. It may have to do with an intractable low self-esteem which God's Messenger instinctively nurtured to his and his Mentor's advantage. It worked, and to this day women flock to his banner in the hundreds of millions.

Bill Clinton, in his speech to the Democratic Convention said that Donald Trump had made of the first female contender for the Presidency of the United States a cartoon.

If the United States is to elect its first female President, men in large numbers will have to go out and vote for her to offset the low self-esteem women's vote which will go to the cartoonist.

July 28 - The Next Big Small Bloody Thing

A priest in his mid-80s was killed with a knife and another hostage seriously wounded on Tuesday in an attack on a church in northern France carried out by assailants linked to Islamic State.

A police source said it appeared that the priest had his throat slit.

PARIS Reuters July 27 , 2016


July 27 - Obama's Half-Brother and Muslim Immigration

Obama’s half-brother says he will vote for Trump

Trump’s stance against Muslims coming in to the United States was understandable even to Muslims like himself, Malik said.

"I’m a Muslim, of course, but you can’t have people going around just shooting people and killing people just in the name of Islam"

Reuters, July 27

With an extended family which includes believers, President Obama is probably better acquainted with the tenets of Islam than any other previous occupant of the Oval Office. So, why is he against vetting prospective Muslim immigrants based on their support of the Sharia, as Trump would do if elected?

God's Law, the meaning of Sharia, does not recognize separation of Church and State while demanding the separation of the superior believers from the lesser until such a time that they can impose Allah's Will by force as Islam has done throughout its history as benefits a conquering religion which brooks no equal.

Unlike the Bible, the Koran contains no moral absolutes where unbelievers are concerned, including killing them and lying to them if it will advance Allah's Cause.

Even if a test might prove ineffective in the majority of cases because of  the Sharia's condoning of lying, even in peacetime, I believe it is foolhardy not to assess the level of commitment to a religion which targets all non-believers for assimilation or extermination.

Just do it, and let the Supreme Court decide if Islam is a religion which deserves the Constitutional guarantees available to non-malevolent faiths.

Taqiya i.e. dissimulation is permitted if it is done out of fear of persecution and will be forgiven if once this fear is attenuated you do what Allah and His Messenger tell you to do.

Muslim Immigration - Assessing the Risk

July 25 - Why Dead Children Don't Matter

More Afghan children were killed or injured in the first half of this year than in any six-month period since 2009, says the UN.

A total of 1,601 civilian deaths were recorded among all ages between January and June, of which 388 were children.

BBC News

Children have always been fair game in Allah's World as He made abundantly clear in holding up Khidr who kills a boy he fears will abandon Islam as a righteous example to emulate.

Indiscriminate mass murderers in Allah's Cause may also take comfort in the Prophet's Amalric-like assurances, that "god will sort out his own", should their victims be believing children who would not have abandoned the faith later in life.

Narrated Ibn Umar:

Allah's Apostle said, "If Allah sends punishment upon a nation then it befalls upon the whole population indiscriminately and then they will be resurrected (and judged) according to their deeds."

Bukhari 88.224

Arnaud Amalric (died 1225) was a Cistercian abbot who took a prominent role in the Albigensian Crusade. He is remembered for supposedly advising a soldier, who was worried about killing orthodox Catholics instead of just heretic Cathars prior to the sack of Béziers, to simply kill everyone as God would sort it all out later. Wiki

July 24 - Slaughtering Those Who Wear Colourful Hats

They wore bright pillbox hats and clothes decked with silver. Rather than covering their faces, they stood still and watched me. I noticed how pale their skin was and their slender Mongolian eyes, unusual for Afghans. One of the girls smiled ... these people were the Hazara.

Rory Stewart, The Places in Between, Penguin, 2014

Islamic State has said it was behind an attack on a protest march in the Afghan capital, Kabul, that killed 80 people and wounded 230.

The IS-linked Amaq news agency said two fighters "detonated explosive belts at a gathering of Shia" in Kabul.

The attack in Deh Mazang square targeted thousands from the Shia Hazara minority who were protesting over a new power line, saying its route bypasses provinces where many of them live.

BBC News July 23

July 23 - A Misconception About Suicide in Islam

A commentator on CNN said that the Munich shooting could not have been a terrorist attack for the shooter, in defiance of the teachings of the Koran, killed himself.

Yes the Koran, in one revelation, does say "do not kill yourselves" but in the context of a commercial dispute.

4:29 O believers, do not consume your wealth illegally, unless there be trading by mutual agreement among you; and do not kill yourselves. Allah is indeed merciful to you!

A martyr's death which advances Allah's Cause, as is the case of suicide bombers who, in death, rid the world of a few or an overabundance of unbelievers is not only condoned by Allah but encouraged with the much talked about promise of an eternity of debauchery.

July 22 - The New Reality

Munich shooting: Police say nine dead

German police are engaged in a huge anti-terror manhunt in the city of Munich after nine people died in a shooting at a shopping centre ...

The security forces have been on alert after a teenage migrant stabbed and injured five people on a train in Bavaria on Monday in an attack claimed by so-called Islamic State.

BBC News

July 21 - Saudi Arabia, Pokémon No Go

Saudi Arabia renews fatwa for Pokémon Go

Saudi Arabia's top clerics have renewed a religious edict that warns against playing Pokémon - this time as the wildly popular mobile phone application Pokémon Go.

The Telegraph, July 20

A reality game where children chase "digital critters" is not like the Prophet's child-bride playing with a winged horse, of which her husband approved knowing them to be real having flown on one to Paradise where he met with Allah and negotiated the obligatory prayers.

July 20 - Making Assad Look Good

Rebels 'filmed beheading boy' in Aleppo

Videos have emerged online that appear to show Syrian rebels taunting and then beheading a boy they say is a captured Palestinian pro-government fighter.

One video shows five men posing with the frightened child, who could be as young as 10, in the back of a truck.

One of the men grips him by the hair. The same man is later filmed apparently cutting the boy's head off.

BBC News July 19

Mass Executions in Syria by Rebels May Be War Crimes

UN News Centre, January 16, 2014

July 19 - The Lie About Honour Killings

The murder of Qandeel Baloch lifts the lid on misogyny in Pakistan

Ms. Baloch was drugged and strangled to death in the name of “honour.”

Her brother Waseem, 25, now in police custody after going on the run, confessed to killing his sister because, he said, “Girls are born to stay at home” and bring honour to the family.

Shaista Aziz for the Globe and Mail July 18

Honour killings in countries where Islam is the dominant religion seldom has anything to do with misogyny, but with the Religion of Peace's concept of self-respect.

When a believer kills for honour's sake e. g. Shafia Honour Killings he is proving to Allah that he too has Ghira by murdering someone who indulged in what, out of self-respect, Allah declared sinful behavior.

This is not to say that the male-centric universe that Allah and the Prophet expound and praise, and the low esteem in which both hold females, has not contributed to men killing women for ulterior, less noble motives.

July 18 - Nice: A Quickie Radicalization

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said "the killer had apparently been radicalised very quickly" which is why "he was not known to French intelligence services for radicalisation."

The vast majority can only be radicalized quickly if their upbringing conditioned them to heed the call to commit mass murder.

When the call comes in earnest inciting those who have been made amenable to its message to kill and die in Allah's Cause and reap the rewards, it may not be from a distant caliphate but a neighbourhood minaret. And there lies the dilemma for the West.

Should it admit that there is a correlation between the proliferation of mosques and madrassas and radicalized youth and decide to do something about it, the clerics will have no choice but to invoke the third condition to fight the unbelievers to the death: "To remove any government that will not allow the free practice of Islam within its borders".

The other two conditions being: 1. To defend a community or nation from aggressors. 2. To liberate people living under oppressive regimes.

In essence, to declare a holy war for impeding their efforts, as demanded by Allah, to make the religion of truth triumph over the religions of lies i.e. all other faiths.

61:9 It is He Who sent His Messenger forth with the guidance and the religion of truth, to make it triumph over every religion ...

Killing Unbelievers Halal

July 17 - Nice: Islam's Appeal to the Insecure

“He had problems with his body,” said [psychiatrist] Hamouda. “He said: ‘Why am I thin? I’m not happy with my body.’”

Reuters, July 17

It was narrated from Mu’aadh ibn Jabal that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “The people of Paradise will enter Paradise hairless, beardless with their eyes anointed with kohl, aged thirty or thirty-three years.”

al-Tirmidhi 2545

God's Messenger was very much into makeup. Some believers will have khol circles around their eyes and orange strands in their beard as a sign of affinity with the Prophet’s grooming habits.

The Prophet said, "Last night two men came to me (in a dream) and made me ascend a tree and then admitted me into a better and superior house, better of which I have never seen. One of them said, ‘This house is the house of martyrs.’"

Bukhari 52.49

56:22-24 And wide-eyed houris, Like hidden pearls; As a reward for what they used to do.

A made-to-measure groomed body, wide-eyed houris (sexually adept female facsimiles programmed by Allah to satisfy a holy warrior's every sexual fantasy for an eternity) and the best house in Paradise!

What insecure young man could resist committing mass-murder and dying for Allah with the reward it entails?

July 16 - Turkey: No Exception to the Rule

By using man-made laws to further the cause of Allah we were using democracy the way it was intended, to vote God into government and to vote out those who would exclude Him. Democracy never had a more noble purpose.

Muhammad Abdullah

At this point in their history, give most Muslims the freedom to vote, and they will freely vote to tear out their political freedoms by the root.

Sam Harris author of the New York Times bestseller, End of Faith, W. W. Norton, 2004.

The election of Morsi in Egypt and his attempt to transform Egypt into the equivalent of a Caliphate with himself as Caliph (Leader of the Believers) which prompted a military intervention proved the validity of Harris' statement.

Turkey, it was hopped, would be the exception to the rule, then came Erdogan.

In the perfect society envisioned by the perfect human being democracy has no place.

Democracy as Violence Against Islam

July 15 - Nice: Pity the Children

France in mourning as truck attack kills 84 in Nice, including 10 children

Ottawa Citizen July 15.

A bone-chilling assessment of your children's future!

July 14 - Nice: The Example of Abraham and the Dhabh

Crushing unbelievers beneath the wheels of a truck is reminiscent of Abraham crushing an animal beneath his feet, placed there by Allah on Judgement Day, as an example of what you do to disbelievers.

Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said, "On the Day of Resurrection Abraham will meet his father Azar whose face will be dark and covered with dust.

(The Prophet Abraham will say to him): 'Didn't I tell you not to disobey me?'

His father will reply: 'Today I will not disobey you.'

Abraham will say: 'O Lord! You promised me not to disgrace me on the Day of Resurrection; and what will be more disgraceful to me than cursing and dishonoring my father?'

Then Allah will say (to him):' 'I have forbidden Paradise for the disbelievers."

Then he will be addressed, 'O Abraham! Look! What is underneath your feet?'

He will look and there he will see a Dhabh (an animal,) blood-stained, which will be caught by the legs and thrown in the (Hell) Fire."

Bukhari 55.569

More Judgement Day Hadiths

July 12 - Doing Right by Your Religion

Bin Laden’s son threatens revenge for father’s assassination

Reuters July 10, 2016

2:179 In retaliation there is life for you, O people of understanding, that you may be God-fearing.

Where Jesus said to turn the other cheek, Allah countered with repay a wrong done to you in kind and a wrong done to Me, or my Messenger, in spades.

17:33 Do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden except for a just cause. Whoever is killed unjustly, We have given his heir the power [to demand satisfaction]; but let him not exceed the limit in slaying, for he will be the victor.

To "not exceed the limit in slaying" Hamza bin Laden will have to limit his vengeance to killing Obama and/or his family.

If what the President did is considered a crime against Allah or His Messenger, then the Compassionate will expect their murder to be of the most gruesome kind.

5:33 Indeed, the punishment of those who fight Allah and His Messenger and go around corrupting the land is to be killed, crucified, have their hands and feet cut off on opposite sides, or to be banished from the land. That is a disgrace for them in this life, and in the life to come theirs will be a terrible punishment.

The protection available to the President and his family after he leaves office will have to be intrusive and constant for the rest of their lives.

To avoid punishment 5:33, perhaps this protection should include a scenario where they are swiftly killed or given the means to kill themselves in the event they are kidnapped.

Considering the uncertain future they face, could you blame any of them if they submitted to the Will of Allah, even if it will lead to Trump-like accusations that they were always one with the Religion of Peace.

July 7 - Muslim Celebrity Calls for an End to Animal Sacrifice

Muslim clerics have criticised Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan over comments he made about the practice of animal sacrifice in Islam

The actor is known for his roles in The Life of Pi and Slumdog Millionaire.

Clerics advised the Muslim actor to refrain from "making random statements about our religion "

Sher Qazi Khalid Usmani, another cleric, said the actor "should keep his mouth shut as he has no knowledge about the religion"

BBC News July 7

He knows enough, and like many Muslims who are sensitive to the suffering around them, including that of animals tortured to death because of some religious ritual from the Dark Ages, he would like to see a kinder, gentler Islam, but the clerics will have none of it.

Being an Indian Muslim probably saved Khan from accusations of blasphemy and a death sentence.

July 6 - A Record-Breaking Ramadan and When Holy Became Synonymous With Evil

Ramadan, the month of conquest and jihad ... make it a month of calamity everywhere for the non-believers.

Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, ISIS spokesman in a May audiotape,

Islamic State got its wish... continue

July 4 - Believer's Remorse

Bangladesh blames local militants for killings, denies Islamic State role

Police said the militants were mostly educated and from well-off families.

Reuters July 3

A 2015 study by the Pew Research Center [found that] the profile of the average radical Muslim is a college educated male who is both financially well-off and tech-literate.

What we may be witnessing is a phenomenon which will increasingly impact societies which believe that a Western education is the answer to stopping young men from committing mass-murder in the name of the ostensibly divine.

It should come as no surprise that believers who have the means to enjoy more of what this life has to offer are the ones most likely to suffer believer's remorse. See definition in June 18 - A Root Cause of Domestic Terrorism.

July 3 - Nothing to See Here, Just Another Holy Month Massacre

IS bombing kills 281 Ramadan shoppers in Baghdad

BBC News July 3

July 2 -Allah's Mercy in Action During Ramadan

The flattering invocation “In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful” headlines 112 of the 114 chapters of the Koran. It is also the phrase you hear believers repeating during their daily prayers and almost every time the name Allah is mentioned.

Don't be fooled!

Twenty people, most said to be foreigners, have been killed in an attack by suspected Islamist militants on a cafe in Bangladesh ...

The gunmen asked everyone inside to recite from the Qur’an ... The gunmen tortured [then killed] anyone who was unable to recite the Koran.

BBC July 2

The gunmen not only spared those who were familiar with the Words of the Compassionate, the Merciful, but fed them in observance of the daily breaking of the fast of Ramadan at nightfall.

July 1 - It's not a matter of doing what YOU think is right!

Moderates and Extremists

June 26 - An Acapella World Booming the Praise of the One and Only and His Hatred of Unbelievers

Narrated Abu Amir or Abu Malik Al-Ash'ari:

That he heard the Prophet saying, "From among my followers there will be some people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcoholic drinks and the use of musical instruments, as lawful."

Bukhari 69.494

Somali minister among 15 killed in attack on hotel in capital

“... Many residents now shun going to hotels that provide some of the few sources of entertainment available in Mogadishu,” said Mohamed Sheikh Abdi, "At hotels patrons enjoy dance music ...

Mogadishu — The Associated Press June 26

The End of Music

The Seductive Sounds of Hatred and Cruelty

June 18 - A Root Cause of Domestic Terrorism

Islam is very much an offshoot of primitive Judaism with a sprinkling of Christian theology modified for a religion obsessed with death.

Christian dogma maintains that Jesus' blood, which he shed on the Cross, washes away the sins of the sinners who choose to believe in Him and act accordingly and thereby gain access to Paradise.

In Islam's bizarre adaption of this piece of another religion's doctrine, it is a believer's blood shed in Allah's Cause which washes away his or her sins.

Even bone fide cold-blooded killers will be welcomed into Paradise, no questions asked, if their last murder is on Allah's behalf.

Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah's Apostle said, "Allah welcomes two men with a smile; one of whom kills the other and both of them enter Paradise. One fights in Allah's Cause and gets killed. Later on Allah forgives the killer who also get martyred (In Allah's Cause)."

Bukhari 52.80

What we may be witnessing is a phenomenon which, for lack of a better expression, I call believer's remorse i.e. guilt at having been seduced by what al-Qaeda damns as the whispering of Satan.

Any study beside that of the Quran is a distraction, except the Hadith and jurisprudence in the religion. Knowledge is what He narrated to us, and anything other than that is the whispering of the Satan.

In one irrational self-destructive act, one can atone for listening to Satan instead of Allah and His Messenger and gain instant access to Paradise no questions asked.

Expect more bloodbaths like the one in Orlando (and worse) as believer's remorse at having been seduced by all a tolerant forward-looking civilization has to offer, and not living according to an embarrassment of diktats from an intolerant, misogynous, prudish deity and his equally intolerant, misogynous prudish spokesman.

This belief in the atonement property of one's own blood, shed in Allah's Name, is undoubtedly a root cause of domestic terrorism.

June 17 - The Perils of Being A Believer's Wife

Orlando shooter’s wife could be charged for knowledge of plot

Reuters Jun. 15, 2016

The widow of Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev didn't know about the plot, her lawyer says.

CNN April 23, 2015

Can you blame the wives of believers for not trying to stop their husband from doing what for them is not worth it, by informing the authorities and risking an eternity burning in Hell.

It's not only attempting to discourage a husband from murdering the innocent in the name of Allah that will land a wife in Hell. If the husband is unhappy with a wife during their life together in the here-and-now, for whatever reason, it’s into the blazing Fire with her.

Last, but not least, should her husband do anything to elicit Allah’s displeasure she will share the blame and will be joining him in Hell.

June 16 - Ideology Matters

Obama and Clinton and the Work of Terrorists

June 13 - Clinton and the Orlando Massacre: Professor Bates Wants an Explanation

Clinton was praised in the media following the nightclub massacre for declining "to take Mr. Trump’s bait by referring to 'radical Islam'".

My response was that Clinton's unwillingness to face the reality of Islamic terrorism may cost her the election. For a majority it is the overwhelming clear and present danger. They are looking for a Churchill, even a caricature of one to tackle what they perceive as an existential threat, not a Chamberlain.

A detractor who goes by the name of Professor Bates demanded an explanation:

What does that mean? I.e., how is she not taking it seriously? Or put another way, what should she be doing differently? Do tell.

It is as if she had bought into the canard that Islam is The Religion of Peace. This would explain her reluctance to associate the religion with the atrocities committed by believers.

Taking the threat seriously would mean dealing with the root cause instead of spouting the usual platitudes that have been the staple of politicians in denial since George W. Bush first used and popularized the expression The Religion of Peace to absolve Islam of any responsibility for 9/11.

Bush junior did it, to quote the then Chairman of the British National Party “to avoid an explosion of hostility against Muslims by leaving the impression that the central message of the Koran is all about peace and love, that Islam is Christianity with a towel on its head."

What is Clinton's excuse?

June 12 - The Orlando Nightclub Massacre

Twenty minutes into the shooting, Omar Mateen called 911 to pledge his allegiance to Islamic State. What he did was in keeping with the terrorist state's exhortation to kill them wherever you find them. That they were unbelievers and gay made them a doubly attractive kill in Allah's Cause.

A regular mosque attendee, three days before the massacre he made the predictable visit to strengthen, it is assumed, his resolve to slaughter the patrons of a nightclub catering to those Allah genetically predisposed to committing what He damns as an abomination.

29:45 Recite what has been revealed to you of the Book and perform the prayer. Prayer surely forbids the foul act and abomination. Allah’s remembrance is greater and Allah knows what you do.

This may be another case of someone claiming to submit to His Will then ignoring what His designated spokesperson said were the rightful punishment for those suspected of having committed the foul act.

The Holy Prophet (S) has prescribed three methods of dealing with the situation (male sodomy), you may choose any one of the three deaths - by having the arms and feet tied and thrown from the cliff, being beheaded or being burnt alive.

From Homosexuality - Crime and Punishment

This is the Month of Great Heat when fasting and immersion in "the Book" can lead to an increased desire to rid the world of people "given to excess" by whatever means at your disposal, as witnessed by the daily massacres since the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

7:80 And [remember] Lot when he said to his people: “Do you commit indecencies which no one in the whole world committed before you?”

7:81 “You approach men instead of women lustfully; you are rather a people given to excess.”

Mr. Seddique said that his son got angry when he saw two men kissing in Miami a couple of months ago and thinks that may be related to the shooting.

Trump has called for a ban on Muslim immigration to the United States. To weed out gays' mortal enemies a simpler solution would be to follow the Dutch example.

In 2006, to counter a rise in "holy" homophobia, the Netherlands decided to assess if potential immigrants from mainly Islamic countries would be troubled by the more liberal attitudes they would encounter by requiring them to view a film in which two men are shown kissing in a meadow.

Opponents said that this was a subterfuge to limit Muslim immigration, which is telling in itself, and the practice may have been discontinued.

Revealed Truths about Homosexuality

Holy Homophobia in Canada

June 9 - Bride Killings

A young Pakistani woman allegedly burnt to death by her mother for marrying without family consent has been buried ...

It is the third such case in a month in Pakistan, where attacks on women who go against conservative rules on love and marriage are common. Police say the body of Zeenat Rafiq, who was 18, showed signs of torture. She was doused with fuel and set alight ...

BBC June 8

The killing of brides who marry for love may have more to do with revenge for depriving their families of the expected return on investment that comes from their fathers marrying them off to the highest bidder.

A marriage in Islam is not a sacrament but a contract. The marriage is usually an arranged affair and, not unlike arranged marriages of the Middle Ages, the primary consideration is what benefits in wealth and influence will accrue to the contracting parties i.e. the families of the bride and groom.

June 1 - Murder as Balm for a Wounded Pride

A Pakistani woman who was set on fire for refusing a marriage proposal has died of her injuries.

In February, Punjab province, where the attack on Miss Sadaqat happened, passed a landmark law criminalising all forms of violence against women. However, more than 30 religious groups, including all the mainstream Islamic political parties, threatened to launch protests if the law was not repealed.

Religious groups have equated women's rights campaigns with promotion of obscenity.

BBC June 1, 2016

What may have prompted Punjab province to criminalize "all forms of violence against women" is the rise in honour killings following the introduction of Sharia law in the 1980s. Nearly 1,100 women were reported murdered last year in Pakistan with "many more cases going  unreported" under the honour pretense according to the country's independent Human Rights Commission.

Under Islamic law, a man can assuage his wounded pride by murdering the cause of his discombobulation and only have to pay the equivalent of a fine i.e. blood-money to the family of the person he murdered should they seek redress under God's law, the meaning of Sharia.

May 28 - What condoms and coitus interruptus have in common and why both are haram

Pakistani authorities have banned all broadcast advertisements for contraceptives.

The regulator, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra), said there had been public complaints that they prompted curiosity in "innocent children".

BBC May 28, 2016

Surely, commercials, not unlike those for male erectile dysfunction e.g. the empty room with the television blaring and nobody watching are safe for children. And, any question a child might ask can easily be dismissed without referring to conception of which, Muslim children, who are expected to have recited the Koran in its entirety by the age of seven, are fully aware, even if it is a somewhat cockeyed understanding considering the Source.

The advertising ban, of course, has nothing to do with avoiding corrupting innocence and everything to do with the pervasive confounding example of the Prophet.

God's Messenger cautioned holy warriors against practicing coitus interruptus when rapping their captives. It was better for them not to withdraw before ejaculation and interfere with Allah's prerogative to create babies.

Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: that while he was sitting with Allah's Apostle he said, "O Allah's Apostle! We get female captives as our share of booty, and we are interested in their prices, what is your opinion about coitus interruptus?"

The Prophet said, "Do you really do that? It is better for you not to do it. No soul that which Allah has destined to exist, but will surely come into existence."

Bukhari 34.432

The Prophet's example, sayings and opinions along with the Koran are the basis of Islamic Law.

God's Messenger's insistence that nothing interfere with conception even during a god-sanctioned sexual assault have encouraged "more conservative Islamic leaders [to] openly campaign against the use of condoms or other birth control methods, thus making population planning in many countries ineffective."

May 25 - Unholy Liturgy

Seduced by Scriptural Sadism

May 18 - The Chibok Booty - A Prediction Fulfilled

First Chibok girl snatched by Boko Haram found, pregnant,

Lagos, Associated Press, May 18, 2016

April 14, 2015 - A Tradition of Raping and Impregnating the Booty

Nigeria’s new president-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, says he will do everything in his power to to find the 219 schoolgirls of Chibok town.

Even if he does, the damage will have been done. Most will be mothers or pregnant with their rapist's child, some because of the Prophet's stand on coitus interruptus when raping the booty.

May 14 - Believers Preying on Believers - Sweden

Doug Saunders, in "Sweden’s rape crisis isn’t what it seems" (the Globe and Mail, May 14), while denying that there is a crisis, informs us that most perpetrators and their victims are foreign-born:

What also stands out is that almost all the victims of these crimes – especially sex crimes – are also foreign-born.

This may be the surest sign that, where the crime is sexual assault, the Khalwat and retribution may be largely to blame if the French experience is any indication.

Rotherham may be a localized variation of this phenomenon which may be more common than is admitted to by countries that have not been able to assimilate a large influx of immigrants raised on the Koran.

Then, there is the new troubling Cologne Strain where targets for sexual assault were mainly non-believing females.

May 8 - Mother's Day

Mothers' Day and Let Me Rephrase That!

May 7 - Investing in Pilgrims

Saudi shake-up moves kingdom down new path ... The plan, known as Saudi Vision 2030, is intended as a guide for the country’s development. It aims, in part, to reduce Saudi Arabia’s heavy dependence on oil ...

The New York Times, May 7, 2016

The Hijaz is the so-called Holy Land of Islam. The area comprises most of the western part of modern-day Saudi Arabia and is centered on Mecca and Medina. As custodian of these cities, the Saudis are in control of the metaphorical gold mine, a mine which will never run out of gold and whose production increases with every newcomer who makes the religion of peace his or her religion.

Most of us are aware that every able-bodied, financially capable Muslim adult must perform the Hajj at least once during his or her lifetime. It is not a coincidence that one of the largest shopping centers in the world, the Abraj Al Bait Complex with its five stories, 4000 stores shopping mall is within walking distance (300 meters) from the holiest shrine in Islam, the Ka'ba.

Accommodating millions more pilgrims at the Hajj

The biggest money maker for the Saudis may turn out to be the year-around attraction of Medina where they are spending an estimated 6 billion dollars on the construction of the world's largest building, a mosque capable of accommodating 1.6 million worshipers.

The attraction of Medina for the believers is not only the Prophet's tomb, but also, as revealed by its occupant, "One prayer in my Mosque (Medina) is better than one thousand prayers in any other mosque excepting Al-Masjid-AI-Haram (the Grand Mosque of Mecca)."

Expect plans to replace oil revenues to include spending even more money on madrassas and mosques around the world to get more converts to come to the Hijaz with its privileged prayer places and incidental shopping venues.