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The Cosmos of Cosmas

Flat earthers from around the globe coming to Canada for international conference

People from all around the (flat) world are expected to come to Edmonton in August for the Flat Earth International Conference Canada...

Ottawa Citizen March 2, 2018

The idea of a flat earth appears to have originated with a well-travelled 6th century Christian monk by the name of Cosmas. For those who swear by the Book, believing in the Koran's adaptation of the Cosmos of Cosmas is very much a test of faith.

A Teaching Opportunity Ignored

The Arrogance and The Agony

Bride-to-be claims venue violating religious rights by denying all-halal menu

CTV News February 13, 2018

A Dartmouth, N.S. woman says her religious rights are being violated because her request to have a fully halal menu at her wedding venue is being denied...

Ashley says the hotel told them they can offer only some halal foods. She asked if she could bring in her own caterer, but the hotel told her it could not allow outside caterers into the kitchen because it would then have to suspend food preparation for the rest of the hotel’s guests...

Ashley says she is furious her request is being denied. “I honestly feel that it infringes on my basic human rights. And my universal human right is my freedom to practice religion. I can't say enough how upset I am.”

Halal meats need to be prepared in a certain way, with the animals hand-slaughtered with a cut to the throat, accompanied by an Islamic prayer. “It's supposed to be a very quick, painless death,” explains local halal retailer, Jibran Khan.

IT IS NOT! It is a long excruciatingly painful agony as documented in a study done by the French government: Animal Protection In Slaughterhouses: The Question of Ritual Slaughter.

The arrogance, emblematic of the obscenely devout, in getting upset because a Western hotel cannot guarantee that all meat served at a wedding reception will be from animals that have been tortured to death; and in insisting that this is an infringement of a basic human right and a freedom to practice a religion which demands such gratuitous cruelty as a sign of devotion!

The Girl with the Cut Hijab Exposes a Lie

A Toronto police investigation has concluded that an incident reported by an 11-year-old girl who claimed her hijab was cut by a scissors-wielding man as she walked to school did not happen.

The Canadian Press January 15, 2018

My first reaction when reading about this hoax was that it was orchestrated by the mother who, to me seemed too keen about getting the media involved. But one thing was wrong. The attacker was identified as being from a visible minority. An adult would have had the wherewithal to make the attacker white to get the maximum mileage from the deception.

South Asians were the most visible protesters against the Peel school board’s decision to allow Friday prayers and sermons on school property. The school this girl attends has a sizable population of South Asians e.g. Tamils. I suspect that someone may have made fun of her hijab and it was her way of getting back. This would also explain the police not pursuing their investigation with no explanation forthcoming.

This incident may be another sign that the pushback against Trudeau accommodating Islam beyond what many think is reasonable and prudent if we are to maintain a separation of church and state will be from visible minorities. This would be a good thing, assuming children are not involved, for no longer could Islamists spread the lie that a fear of Islam is about race not scriptures.


Children and the Koran - The End of Empathy

November 27, 2017 - A day after I announced the publication of Children and the Koran I received the first accusation of bigotry. Associating criticism of Islam with bigotry and racism is a favourite if notorious tactic of those looking to silence critics with what they hope will be discussion-ending slurs. Slander is the lesser inevitable evil. The greater, a Charlie Hebdo-like silencing in the tradition of the Prophet.

I hope my comprehensive argument against exposing children to the hate, violence and brazen sadism until they are old enough to decide for themselves if unbelievers are deserving of the Koran's merciless animosity will be received in the spirit it was intended: to make our world a more peaceful place and avoid ISIS-like atrocities on a scale not seen since the Holocaust.

The Disenfranchised

That, in the opinion of the House, the government should: (a) recognize the need to quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear...

Motion 103

November 4, 2017 - Motion 103 is an implicit admission by the government that the mass immigration it extols as being good for the country also threatens to tear it apart. You would think that such an eventuality would invite a lively debate in Parliament.

If Trump populism happens here, blame the disenfranchised like the substantial majority of Canadians who feel that accepting a million new immigrants in the next three years is reckless beyond belief, but who have not heard a single voice expressing their concerns in the House of Commons.

Recommended reading: The Fractured Nation Interviews

A Bonasse Country

(pronounced bone·ass, generous to the point of being foolish)

November 1, 2017 - Immigration levels are set to increase once again from 300,000 to 340,000 a year by 2020 to over 400,000 by 2022. Canada has welcomed so many immigrants and refugees that foreign-born citizens now make up 20% of the population. No other Western nation even comes close.

Yet, on Thursday March 23, 2017, at 4:01 pm, Parliament passed a resolution which, in effect, says that Canadians did this in spite of their despicable selves, their generosity and compassion masking a people filled with hatred for those they helped.

Perhaps it’s time to evaluate the impact on the cohesiveness of our society of unrealistic immigration levels when the type of accusations made in Motion 103 are the result.

What do they say about the road to Hell being paved with good intentions? The impact of decades of setting immigration levels that do not take into account the nation’s ability to integrate newcomers, which multiculturalism has masked over, is coming home to roost with the worst yet to come.

Et tu, Jagmeet?

Jagmeet Singh Suggests CBC's Insistent Questioning About Alleged Terrorist Was Racist .

OTTAWA — NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh thinks a controversial CBC interview in which he was asked repeatedly to denounce the veneration of alleged Air India [bombing] mastermind Talwinder Singh Parmar was racist.

Huffington Post October 15, 2017

This is so Motion 103, associating criticism of questionable conduct because of one’s faith with racism.

A Telling Oversight

Canada forgets to mention Jewish people at Holocaust memorial … Heritage Minister Melanie Joly assured parliament that the plaque had been removed, and would be replaced with one that reflects "the horrors experienced by the Jewish people".

BBC October 4, 2017

Heritage Minister Melanie Joly was not only responsible for the wording on the plaque, but as the Prime Minister’s point-person for Motion 103, she undoubtedly had a say on the wording of the Motion, which, like the plaque, is selective about who are the victims of hatred.

Line Erasers Both

NDP aims to fight fire with fire with young, charismatic Jagmeet Singh as leader,

Canadian Press, October 1, 2017

A vote for a person seeking public office who flaunts his beliefs or makes religion part of his platform is a vote for the religious over the secular.

With the ostentatiously devout Jagmeet Singh as leader, the NDP is advertising a shift from promoting the interest of the working class to that of the religious. Expect a further blurring of the line between Church and State as Trudeau, the moving force behind Motion 103 and Singh, who voted for a similar motion in the Ontario legislature, vie to be the most accommodating of a constituency which would see this line disappear altogether.

A Foregone Conclusion

If you do not fear Islam, you do not know Islam. It is a legitimate fear not based on race, as Motion 103 would have you believe, but on what is written in a book and in the actions and views of those who swear by that book.

For example, in the Koran Allah rails against those who commit “the foul act”. This bigotry is reflected in two 2016 surveys of adult Muslim’s attitude towards homosexuals. In Britain, more than 52% would not tolerate them; in Canada, in a survey conducted by Environics, that number has risen to 43% in step with another worrisome finding that “young Muslims are often more religious than their immigrant parent”.

A rise in homophobia among those who accuse their fellow citizens of being increasingly and needlessly apprehensive about the impact of the religion of Islam is telling in itself.

Yesterday, September 18, 2017 the Parliamentary Committee tasked with substantiating an alleged rise in Islamophobia started public consultations. Expect the Committee to find a fear of Islam is real and growing while avoiding any meaningful discussion as to the why.

Fighting Early Childhood Hatred

Kindergarten Terrorists

Belgium: signs of radicalization in kindergarten

An internal report of a school obtained by the daily Het Laatste Nieuws highlights signs of Islamic "radicalization" in some children. What occurred in a school in Renaix, in East Flanders, prompted the school to express its concerns in an internal report.

The report documents observations made by teachers in 2016 about the behavior of a number of Muslim children. These include "death threats" to "nonbelieving" children, mimicking slicing their throat and calling them "pigs."

The children also recited verses from the Koran during recess, refused to shake hands, and some, to attend school on Fridays for religious reasons ...

Le Point, August 22, 2017 (my translation)

In the Koran you will find more than a sprinkling of chilling invectives against those who refuse to believe that whoever said all those nasty things about them, what would be considered hate speech under normal circumstances, is actually a god.

Gods are not like normal people which is why they can say they hate you and that you should be cruelly put to death, and that is considered completely acceptable. But, you can’t say you hate them back for that would be insulting those who believe the invitation to hate, murder and maim to be from an actual deity, therefore sacrosanct.

There is a way to stop one god’s pathological hatred for those who won’t believe he actually exist from making an indelible impact on a child’s conscious and unconscious mind and give rise to the jihadist or child suicide bomber, and that is to limit the exposure to that hatred.

If the Parliamentary Committee studying Motion 103 is serious about stemming hate propaganda before it has a chance to leave its mark, it should consider making the Koran for adults only. Provide more protection for a violent hate-filled text as the promoter of Motion 103 would like it to do, and it will be sealing, if not your fate, then that of your children.

If Motion 103’s attack on freedom speech is successful it will further foster a deficiency of empathy among Muslim children which in the long run may prove more foolhardy than pretending to fight the radicalization of youth by stifling a debate as to its root cause.

Children and The Koran - The End of Empathy

The Escalating Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Kids

Will the Sacrilegious Be No Longer Sacred After Motion 103?

On January 7, 2015 gunmen shouting Allahu Akbar! (Arabic for “God is great”) shot dead 12 people at the Paris offices of the magazine Charlie Hebdo for satirizing God's self-proclaimed last and greatest spokesperson and his fanatical followers.

Of Cartoons and Flags, The Cartoon Protests

Since the slaughter, the magazine has been reluctant to satirize the religion of the executioners. The vehicular massacre at Nice of 85 men, women and children was not enough, it took the Catalan crushing for the magazine to return to a semblance of its sacrilegious satirical self.

Needless to say, Charlie Hebdo's latest cover (August 22, 2017) has not gone unnoticed. You could publish such satire in Canada, I believe, without fear of prosecution in the traditional sense (more attuned to religious sensibilities Human Rights Tribunals are another matter) but, that may all change if the promoters of Motion 103 get their way.

Dogmatic Distress anyone?

From the Master Race to the Master Believers

Civilization's Next Great Existential Struggle

“It … is important to shut down the spewers of hate.”

Phil Gurski, writing in The Ottawa Citizen, August 18, 2017

61:9 It is He Who sent His Messenger forth with the guidance and the religion of truth, to make it triumph over every religion ...

48:28 It is He Who sent forth His Messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, that He may exalt it above every other religion. Allah suffices as Witness.

3:85 Whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted from him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.

Within days of each other, two men, one a white supremacist, the other a religious facsimile drove vehicles into a crowd of people. The first killed 1 person, the other 14 in a scene reminiscent of what happened in Nice a year earlier where 85 men, women and children were crushed to death in Allah’s Cause.

Yes, it is important to guard against white supremacists propaganda, but their numbers do not represent the clear and present danger of countless cold-blooded scripture-quoting religious supremacists with a death wish, yours and theirs.

The best weapon we have against the latter is freedom of speech and expression and we should be careful in trying to eliminate the lesser threat to make it easier for religious supremacists to spread their message of intolerance for those whom the Compassionate harbours a singular animosity. Motion 103 must also be looked at in that light.

You have the example of Britain which, after the subway bombings, brought in so-called hate-legislation which curtailed criticism of religious beliefs in spite of opposition from Muslims themselves. It only emboldened the religious supremacists to spread their doctrine of a master religion which must eventually triumph against all others, over the "losers" dead bodies if necessary. They did, and continue to do so, secure in the knowledge that those who might protest run the risk of prosecution.

The threat posed by the advocates of a Master Faith is extraordinarily greater, in the long run, than that of the geographically confined NAZIs who tried to impose their master race ideology through slaughter.

History Abridged

Email: July 21, 2017

Dear ...

Carleton University has provided the following information on evening lectures for the Fall of 2017. I am not sure if Bernard saw the lecture which is offered – see highlighted.

FALL 2017 SESSION I (September 11th – October 23rd) Lecture Series:

1. "Fifteen Fascinating Muslims", with H. Masud Taj

2 ….


Email: July 23, 2017

Dear Robyn:

Thank you for the heads-up...

It is unfortunate that the philosophers among the fifteen are not representative of the ideas which inspire modern Islamic extremists e.g. Ibn Taymiyyah (b. 1263 - d.1328).

For a more complete overview of fascinating Muslims, both the good and the not so good, from a Western perspective, I have written a short appreciation of Muhammad Mojlum Khan's seminal contribution to the rankings of the greatest Muslims of all time, The Muslim 100 - The Lives, Thoughts and Achievements of the Most Influential Muslims in History which you will find here: History Through Rose Coloured Glasses.



If the promoters of Motion 103 get their way a truncated, "a politically correct mythology", even a manufactured history will find protection under the law which you challenge at your risk and peril.

Carleton won't say, but what translation of the Koran are you reading?

A Poisoned Legacy

Ottawa may have no choice but to repatriate, prosecute captured Canadian ISIL members: experts

Ottawa Citizen, July 21

The problem of returning jihadists may be overblown.

The horrific violence experienced by many returning jihadists has done what deradicalization programs, which author David Thomson calls "a joke", could not do, transform holy warriors into pacifists.

Thomson is a former reporter with Radio France International (RFI) and author of "Les Revenants" (The Returners, my translation) a recently published book, which is reportedly flying off the shelves in France, about French citizens who joined Islamic State and who have, or are making their way back to civilization.

As to identifying those who may still present a threat, perhaps a technique pioneered by Matthew Grizzard, a professor at Michigan State could be put to the test.

Bernard Payeur

Tell you what, Bernard, you want them back? THEY SHACK UP WITH YOU THEN YOU FUCKING SCUMBAG.

Jay … Edmonton, Alberta

The Prime Minister’s apparent bonasse (pronounced bone·ass, generous to the point of being foolish) payment to Khadr has poisoned any rational discourse on what to do about returning young men and women who joined Islamic State and what was the attraction. Whether it was a bonasse decision or a calculated one like Motion 103, both play into the hands of activists in Allah's Cause.

The Attraction of Bad

Two Canadian women among ISIS fighters captured in Mosul,

Ottawa Citizen, July 19

There may be something to girls’ alleged attraction to bad boys and there are none nastier than holy warriors. I did warn them. Hiding the truth, as Motion 103 would do, will not help matters.

Making Bad Look Good

It's Ghostaphobia, Not Islamophobia!

Quebec imams condemn vote against Muslim cemetery!

CBC July 17, 2017

Rejected Muslim cemetery: Even in death, we find no peace

Zarqa Nawaz, creator of Little Mosque. Special to The Globe and Mail, July 18

It don't believe it was an anti-Muslim vote as a complacent media would have you believe, but a vote not to allow a development that could adversely affect property values. “Only those whose properties adjoined the proposed cemetery site were eligible to cast ballots.”

It's what some real estate agents refer to as "Ghostaphobia". Backing onto a golf course increases your property value, a cemetery has the opposite effect as someone said in response to Nawaz's accusation of Islamophobia and racism because the vote was not to her liking.

A "No" majority was probably inevitable no matter what religion asked to bury its dead next to where you barbecue.

Largely overlooked is the fact that 16 out of 35 landowners voted in favour of a Muslim cemetery even if it meant risking a drop in their net worth and enjoyment of their property. That would not fit with the narrative, of which Motion 103 is emblematic, that whenever people who wish to live by the Book do not, on a rare occasion, get their way it is because we hate them.

Québec City and area has four non-denominational cemeteries that have Muslim-only burial sections. Sharing a cemetery with unbelievers represents a close proximity danger for those who wish to live by the Book and who consider Allah’s warning to “guard against them fully” as keeping as much distance between you and those who "will spare no effort to corrupt you [3:118]" even during your shared zombie-life existence below ground.

Associating other than economic motives for the "No" vote does not help matters and may betray an agenda with victimhood as a centerpiece e.g. "Even in death, we find no peace."

On This, Sheema Khan and I Can Agree

"Polite silence in response to dehumanizing speech is equivalent to acquiescence" Sheema Khan, Globe and Mail, June 24, 2017

From Dehumanizing to Demonizing Speech

Couillard and Macron’s Challenge

Quebec Premier Couillard, in change of tone, ties Michigan attack to Islam

Quebec’s Premier has sent “a shock wave” through his province’s Muslim communities after he linked the lone-wolf attacker who stabbed a Michigan police officer to the wider Islamic religion ...

“You cannot disconnect this type of event, terrorism, from Islam in general,” Mr. Couillard said. “I think President [Emmanuel] Macron yesterday was very eloquent about this when addressing the Muslim community in France. He told them it’s also your responsibility to act on the theological front to explain to your people that this is not part of the religion, that it’s contrary to the teachings of the religion.”

The Globe and Mail, June 22, 2017

Rather than accept this gracious invitation to an honest dialogue about Islamic scriptures as we have been advocating here for years, the now ubiquitous female spokesperson for the Muslim community, as we have come to expect, disingenuously demurred before making the predictable attack on a uniquely qualified messenger*.

Shaheen Ashraf, a Quebec board member of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, said she “is very disappointed” in the Premier for putting the onus on her community. “You don’t think we try?” Ms. Ashraf said. “You can tell the community Islam is a religion of peace until the cows come home and there will always be people who don’t want to hear you.”

... “When Mr. Couillard was supportive of Muslims it caused an uproar and now he’s trying to appease the public,” Ms. Ashraf said. “He’s pandering.”

The Globe and Mail

Rather than deal with the reality as expressed by a renowned, if notorious scholar of Islam they prefer to quote a scripturally-deficient US President because it suits their purpose.

The “community” is not listening because they know what they are being told is a lie. A lie that an accommodating press continues to give credence to and initiatives like Motion 103 would see given legislative cover.


* Of all prominent Canadian politicians the Premier of Quebec is probably the most Islam aware. From 1992 to 1996, the former head of the department of neurosurgery at Montreal’s Hôpital Saint-Luc taught and practiced medicine in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

The Battle for Hearts and Minds Goes National

‘It is a battle for hearts and minds’: Trudeau’s $35 million gamble to counter radicalization,

After a lengthy delay, the Liberals are expected to launch the new office — currently called the Office of the Community Engagement and Counter-Radicalization Coordinator — in the near future, pledging $35 million over five years to support intervention efforts, counter-narrative campaigns and research ...

Amira Elghawaby, a spokeswoman for the National Council of Canadian Muslims, said her organization has been getting regular updates on the counter-radicalization office and is so far encouraged that Ottawa seems to be taking an inclusive approach to the problem. “We’re all in this together.”

Ottawa Citizen, June 12, 2017

Trudeau's support of Motion 103 and his government keeping lobbyists for those who wish to live by the Book informed of his plans for the Office of the Community Outreach and Counter-radicalization Coordinator does not inspire confidence that it will be more than another advocate for further accommodations.

Change Your Religion, Change Your Race

Quebec byelection poster assailed as racist

A candidate in a Quebec provincial byelection has triggered controversy with a campaign poster that criticizes Canadian multiculturalism and shows a photo of a woman wearing a niqab.

The poster has the slogan Choose Your Quebec above two photos of the same woman — one in which she is sporting a blue tuque with the Fleur-de-lis and the other in which she is wearing a niqab. Below the photos it is written Canadian Multiculturalism, No Thanks.

The Canada Press, May 23, 2017

The Canadian media may be largely to blame for our Members of Parliament now parroting the dangerous absurdity promoted by those who would muddy the debate, that expressing reservations about the ultimate objective of the religion which brooks no equal is an expression of racism, which they equate with Islamophobia, as does Motion 103.

To argue otherwise is to invite ostracism. Motion 103 would curtail our right to express an unfavorable opinion about Islam, something the Canadian media is already doing.

Bernard Payeur