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Remembering Uzza

If Islam Was Explained to Me in a Pub

Remembering Uzza is a six hour animated conversation among patrons in a bar and a troubled but engaging young woman to provide an insider's perspective on Islam.

Uzza is meant to make learning about Islam a mostly pleasant experience while not sugar-coating or leaving out the nasty bits. And, is there a better place to get acquainted with a religion that has everyone talking than in the relaxed atmosphere of a neighbourhood pub.

Uzza is a story for our time that has the potential to change the course of things to come. Except for Uzza, and a short appearance by a couple from a neighbouring municipality, all other characters, including Archie the bartender, are modeled on real patrons of Maxwell's (Maxies in Uzza) a once popular Ottawa nightspot.

The format chosen breaks with the so-called standard American conventions for plays. Names of characters are not CAPITALIZED, only the first letter so as not to distract the reader with excessive CAPITALIZATION.

Remembering Uzza would make a gripping and entertaining mini-series. Inquiries from producers welcomed.


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A Bad Case of Dogmatic Distress

Blame George W. Bush

No Scarf, No Service!

A Shirley Temple, Anyone?

The First Holy Homicide

Remember the Alamo

Home School

Critics Are for Killing

The Medium and the Message

Archie Loses It!

Who Are You Calling Stupid?

A War That Pays For Itself

Overkill Becomes the Norm

Rape Without Compassion Becomes the Norm

Wife Management Difficulties Resolved

Two Down, One to Go

If It Was Only About Going Around in Circles

No Paradise for Old Men

The Ka’ba: The Nabataeans, Abraham or Adam?

The Hajj: So Many Pilgrims, Not Enough Time

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

A Strategic Massacre

Orphaned by Lust

A Big Deal of a Treaty

A Man in a Hurry Takes Wife #11

Sex Toys and Why Hell is for Mothers

An Attempted Assassination and the Blood-curdling Cry

Mecca Cowed and Deceived

MAD for Mecca

Ten Murders in One Night and When Charity was Extortion

Foreplay and Fallacies

A Woman Who Slept Around Confronts Mecca’s Conqueror

A Whore’s Understanding

The Cleansing of Mecca and Avoiding a Similar Fate

Hunayn, the Ultimate Victory for God and Booty

More Slavers, Less Sinners

What Do Hypocrites Have to Do with It?

A Matter of Interest

Crusades v. Jihad, Community v. Family 

Beowulf and the Koran

The Sykes–Picot Betrayal Haunts Us Still

The Christian Mosque of Medina

Mary, What a Strange Thing You Have Done!

100 Years of Conflicts and Conquests and No Muhammad

Birth of a Cult

The Passing of Perfection

Tomorrow Today


"We... particularly appreciate the level of thought that went into crafting each character and their relationship with one another.

"A factor that we also take into consideration is that CBC does not produce content in-house, we license content from production companies. Because of this, we typically require projects to have a production company attached to them before we can move forward with development or production consideration."

CBC Scripted Content Team

Inquiries from producers and impresarios looking to make a difference welcomed.

Bernard Payeur